Sounds in Interior Design


Sound therapy has been taking the health and wellbeing industry by storm this year. Many studies and professional research shows that natural sounds in particular can reduce stress hormones, boost a positive mindset, and help us to feel more relaxed. With an emphasis on improving our general well-being and mental health, incorporating nature-inspired sounds into our everyday life shows that our outlook can improve greatly.

Just as specific music can make us feel sad, happy, emotional, or excited, different sounds in our homes can help us to feel more connected with nature, and therefore more relaxed.

Interior design has the power to shift our mood. Whether that’s through the paint colors we select, or the color palette we use for home decor, the choices we make in our homes has a direct impact on our overall mood.

This has got our team thinking about practical ways we can incorporate more sound therapy elements into our homes so we can reap the benefits.

So how can sounds be incorporated into our home’s interior design? In this article we share our top ideas and tips for thoughtfully adding sounds in interior design, and practical ideas that you can use in your own home.

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Water Features

There are lots of different types of water features on the market now. You can incorporate a feature into your outdoor garden design, or even install one indoors!

Water features provide a calming sound of water that aids relaxation and reduces stress. You may find that they even attract wildlife to your backyard too!

Many meditation tracks feature the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, or rain falling within a forest. Using a water feature at home can create a relaxing soundtrack to your everyday activities.

If you like the idea of having fish at home, the sound of the filter can also be soothing! I actually have two fish tanks in my own family room, a fresh water, and a salt water, and the filtration systems provide soothing background noise.

Here are some suggestions for integrating waterfeatutres into your own home:

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Electric Waterfall Fountain

This electric zen waterfall fountain can be used both indoors and out! It’s ideal for making an impact to a design while adding a sense of calm.

Tabletop Water Fountain

Use a tabletop water fountain to add a calming sound to your indoor spaces.

Resin Fountain

We love this resin fountain because it features LED lights that add to the calming atmosphere.

Stone Fountain

A simple stone fountain like this is perfect for adding a calm element to any backyard design!

Music Integration

Another aspect of interior design that can help you to benefit from calming sounds is the integration of music throughout your spaces. There are different ways you can do this depending on your budget.

Integrated ceiling speakers are perfect for seamless music throughout the home, while portable or Bluetooth speakers are a budget-friendly option. Regardless of your preference, you can easily connect to the speakers to play calming, relaxing music to support a relaxed atmosphere.

Ceiling Speakers

This set of ceiling speakers enable you to listen to music or calming sounds throughout the home!

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Did you know that you can add outdoor speakers to your garden? These are perfect for those that love to enjoy their outdoor space.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We love this small Bose portable bluetooth speaker because it allows you to listen to music whenever you need to.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Another great option for listening to relaxing sounds at home is this JBL speaker! 

White Noise

Similar to water sounds, white noise can effectively promote relaxation and improve sleep quality! It is a popular choice for new mothers when trying to put their newborns to sleep, and that is because of the familiar sound it provides the baby.

You can create white noise with ceiling or freestanding fans, while there are also many white noise apps can be played through a speaker.


Your patio or backyard is a great place for integrating sounds to promote a relaxed atmosphere. While the most obvious is an outdoor water feature, you could also add wind chimes to provide both the outdoor and indoor spaces with a relaxed sound. 

Wind chimes are a great addition to any outdoor area because they can be heard indoors too. The combination of an outdoor water feature and wind chime will help you to create an outdoor oasis of calm.

Ceiling Fan with Light

Add a ceiling fan to any living space to benefit from the white noise it creates!

White Noise Machine

This sound machine provides calming music and white noise to help calm anyone, anywhere.

Floor Fountain with Light

Use a floor water fountain to create a relaxing atmosphere, we love this one because it comes with an integrated light.

Wind Chime

A wind chime is a super easy way of creating a naturally calming sound that travels indoors and out.

Personalize Your Space

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