Use painted vanity units to bring color into your small bathroom. I love this because of the huge amount of storage it provides underneath the sink! 

I love working on bathroom remodels or redesigns because they are an opportunity to be creative with not only the finishes, but the spatial planning too. Maximizing the space of a small bathroom is crucial and being creative with the options available is one of the key ways to do this.

Perhaps you have a small bathroom and struggle to find enough space to store your creams, soaps and towels. I get it! Small bathrooms are tricky to work out but there are some innovative storage options that can help you to utilize the space better.

I regularly work on bathroom design projects where the client will explain that they currently don’t have enough space for everything. The first thing I recommend that they do is have a good declutter of the space. Did you know that many toiletries have expiration dates? Skincare and makeup products all have a specified number of months that they are good for once opened so having a good clear out is always a good start.

Aside from the declutter though, are you ready to explore some storage ideas for small bathrooms? Let’s go!


Vanity Units

You can make your small bathroom appear larger by installing a . This one has different types of storage which is super handy! 


Your vanity unit is the perfect place for storage. It’s practical being underneath the main sink and can provide a great amount of space for spare towels and toiletries. 

There are both drawer and door options, although there are also options with both! Ideally, you want to maximize every inch of space underneath the sink if possible, so look for options that have drawers at the top that work around the plumbing.

For small bathrooms, I also suggest vanity units that go as far down to the floor as possible rather than those with exposed shelves below. This is so that your items can be stored away within a cabinet rather than exposed as this can make the room look even smaller with exposed clutter.

Vanity units can provide tons of storage if you choose correctly! Consider ones that provide storage around the plumbing and go to the floor to maximize the space available for storage.


This simple yet is perfect for above your bathroom sink! 

Medicine Cabinets


A good trick I like to use for small bathrooms is to install a mirrored medicine cabinet. These cabinets can be surprisingly spacious! And are perfect for storing your everyday beauty and toiletry products.

There are lots of different options on the market these days, where some medicine cabinets also include integrated LED lighting. This lighting is especially helpful if there isn’t enough wall space for wall sconces or you regularly apply makeup.




I love to use shelving in bathrooms because it can be used for either decorative purposes or extra storage. You can display scented candles or diffusers here, faux plants or small potted succulents, and even fun framed prints!

Use small baskets to store items out of sight on shelves. This is a great area to use for storing additional towels (roll them to create a spa-like appearance).

Use shelving to your advantage in your small bathroom so you provide yourself with more storage. Alternatively, you can style them to provide a decorative touch like this example!


I love this ! Great for adding storage baskets and accessories. 

Other Ideas


Some other storage ideas for small bathrooms include using baskets to your advantage. Baskets are great for use throughout the home but can be a helpful addition in bathrooms! You can easily store spare toilet paper or towels within baskets.

Have you seen decorative ladder storage featured on sites like Pinterest? These are fantastic for adding visual interest to your bathroom while also adding extra storage space!

For your shower area, consider installing wall-mounted storage racks at a high level to store folded towels. And within the shower, it’s always useful to have shower storage in the form of wall-mounted racks specifically for toiletries.


Have you got a small bathroom and struggle to find storage space? I hope these storage ideas for small bathrooms have helped to provide you with some inspiration and ideas! If you have recently added extra storage to a small bathroom, I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.