Industrial Interior Design Style

You like to have a lot of light in your home and appreciate an epic view. You love to figure out how things work and have a curious mind. You work hard and like to have systems in place. But you are always up for innovation and figure out how to make things function more efficiently. You look to the past for inspiration while moving toward the future. You inspire others to be their best and are a great friend. You take the time to analyze situations and are often a voice of reason.

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Design-wise, you may struggle how to make your home feel rooted and modern at the same time. Rust and wear are interesting to you, but you may not know how much is too much. Maybe you are not quite sure how to fill your space without losing the expansive feeling it provides. It might feel a bit cold and are looking for ways to add more warmth and comfort to your home.

Fun Facts:

The Industrial interior design style originates from factories built during the late 19th century, which were translated into interior spaces within the 20th century. They are typically interiors that consist of raw materials such as, brick, concrete, iron and steel. The industrial style is large and uncluttered spaces that are designed to last years.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Concrete
  • Brick walls 
  • Dark metal finishes
  • Monochromatic or dark color schemes

You might like:

Scandinavian Table


This nightstand effortlessly blends raw timber and metal to create an industrial yet modern design.

Scandinavian Table

Bathroom Hardware

Bring the industrial look into a bathroom with pipe-style hardware, finished in black.

Scandinavian Table


This interesting shaped chandelier brings character and interest to any industrial inspired interior.

Scandinavian Table

Side Table

This wooden and metal side table is a great addition for any living space.

Scandinavian Design Planter

Industrial Vase

Add texture to a space with a vintage style metal vase.

Scandinavian Design

Coffee Table

Raw timber with metal legs provide a strong coffee table surface.

Scandinavian Design

Wall Clock

A black vintage clock is perfect for entryway styling or hung within living spaces.

Scandinavian Design

Bar Stool

Leather bar stools with black metal legs add an industrial twist to any kitchen.

Scandinavian Design

Table Lamp

Easily bring a vintage feel to your industrial interior with an electric lantern style table light.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Pendant Ceiling Light

Use light fittings made out of black metal as an accent feature in main living areas or kitchen.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Accent Pillows

Leather pillows are the perfect way to accessorize.

Scandinavian Design Chairs


This decorative sculpture can be used anywhere in the home to add a rustic edge.

Scandinavian Design Chairs


This beautiful exposed chandelier is perfect for any large industrial style spaces including foyers, dining rooms and even bedrooms.

Scandinavian Design Planter


Make a statement with this beautiful timber and metal bookshelf. 

Scandinavian Design Planter

Console Table

A minimal console table with metal legs is a great addition to any living area or foyer.

Scandinavian Design Planter


Deep brown leather sofas with a traditional design adds an industrial element to living rooms.

Scandinavian Design Planter

Wall Lights

Bring life to your interior with exposed bulb wall lights, encased in metal.

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