I love nothing more than helping homeowners to transform their space into somewhere they love to spend time in. But during many home visits with clients, there is one aspect that is typically missing that could make a huge difference!


This beautifully calming artwork brings different tones into an interior that you can use to build an interior scheme from.

Artwork has the power to truly change any interior and inject some extra personality into the space. It is true when they say “artwork can make or break a room” – because it can! Artwork helps to tell a story about those who live or use the space and can add personality and bold elements to the room, depending on what you want to achieve.

There are so many possibilities with artwork, and such variety available that there really is something for everyone! I love using artwork in my interior design projects for all of the above reasons, and how it can complete a design beautifully.

Today I want to share with you some of the best tips on what to look for when choosing artwork for your space. Above all, I’ll be sharing ideas on how artwork can transform any space. Let’s dive right in!


A Color Palette


Many of my clients have previously struggled with deciding on a color palette for their room. If you’re currently struggling with this, try choosing a piece of artwork as the base from which to build a color palette from. 

Search through paintings or artwork until you find one that you absolutely love, then use it as inspiration for your room’s color palette. You can even extract colors from the piece to create a palette that informs the design for your whole room.

In contrast to this, artwork can bring your whole interior together and blend the colors of your room to perfectly finish off the space.


Artwork brings colors of accessories and the design of a space together to complete a design. In this example, the orange and neutral creams have been used in the accessories and artwork to seamlessly bring everything together.


This two-piece abstract artwork serves as a bright and colorful focal point for any interior!

Artwork as a Focal Point


If you’re a fan of making a statement in your home, artwork could be just the way to do this! Every room should have something that attracts your attention – a focal point – within just seconds. Artwork should always be a strong contender for this! You may wish to choose fun accent chairs as a focal point and have more subtle artwork, but you could make a piece of artwork the focal point of the room instead! 

When you’ve considered artwork for the focal point of a room, size will be an important consideration. A piece that is too small will get lost within the room, and a piece that is too big will be overwhelming and too consuming. Always make sure there is a good amount of space surrounding the artwork so it can breathe!


This large canvas artwork is a focal point for this bedroom design! Bringing colors and textures together while completely elevating the design of the space.


Color and Texture

A beautiful blue piece of artwork that brings both color and texture to any space!


Artwork brings a sense of color and texture into any space. With an array of different mediums, there are lots of options for bringing texture into your home through artwork. Aside from the traditional paintings, there are prints, digital art, and even sculptures! And if that’s not enough, you can even narrow down your search to framed pieces, with or without a mount, or canvases!

Adding artwork to your home that is full of texture and color will add visual interest to your spaces and bring depth to them as well. Rough textures will make a space feel intimate and grounded, while smoother pieces bring a sleeker tone. 


Your Personality


We love this bold contrasting piece of artwork! This one will definitely add energy to an interior.


Another effective way of choosing artwork for your home is by searching for pieces that showcase part of your personality. Are you eclectic and a huge lover of color? Choose something that is lively and full of different colors!

Aside from this, you can also choose artwork based on your interests and passions. Bonus points if the pieces also look and feel similar to your personality too.


Artwork is an opportunity to showcase your personality, passions, and interests in your home! For those with eclectic tastes – embrace all manners of color!


Have you included artwork in your home? How has it impacted the overall design of your spaces? I’d love to hear all about your experience with artwork at home in the comments section below!