Trend Alert: Amber Colored Glass in Interiors

Have you ever wondered how to use colored glass in your home? Adding some color through glass adds texture too! And provides some visual interest to your home. If you like to keep up to date with the new interior accessories you’ll have noticed that there’s a huge surge of interest in Amber Colored Glass in Interiors! This Trend Alert lets you in on the secret of how to create this colored glass successfully in your home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love it!

Amber-colored glass adds a warm glow to any home. Whether it’s through a soap dispenser, vase or jar, these colored glass pieces bring an energized tone to otherwise neutral or plain spaces. One of the reasons we love amber-colored glass in interiors is because the pieces bring sophistication and elegance to spaces, making them feel more luxurious and premium. Who doesn’t want to live in a luxurious feeling home?

How to use colored glass.

Adding amber colored glass doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about it in the sense of updating any clear glass objects or decorative accessories for colored ones!

Amber colored glass is hugely popular for decorative vases at the moment, so instead of using clear glass vases, choose amber colored ones! These are perfect for leaning into the colors of fall and bringing some of the outside in.

If you like to decant soap or lotions in bathrooms, you can even use amber glass dispensers! Keeping all your bottles the same in a bathroom or powder room creates a premium and luxurious feel.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using amber colored glass in interiors…

As with anything in interior design, there is such a thing as having too much. This will be particularly important for smaller homes! Or spaces where styling is limited (smaller console tables or only one styling area). It will be easy to make these rooms look overcrowded because of using too many amber colored glass pieces in a smaller area. This can result in a space looking dated. Amber colored glass accessories will look better in small doses.

Always read reviews on any glass dispenser products and ensure that they are glass and not plastic for best results.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Amber colored glass can last many years in your home when used in the right way!

For styling powder rooms or guest bathrooms, use an amber glass colored dispenser set to ensure all the dispensers are the same color so it looks consistent when styled on the vanity unit.

If you’re updating your styling area with new accessories and amber glass is on the list – make sure to choose complementary glass pieces! This will ensure the set up isn’t over crowded, but perfectly balanced.

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Thick Amber Glass Soap Dispenser Set

Ensure your soap dispensers are made from thick amber glass – like this one – to ensure its longevity. These are ideal for using in powder rooms or bathrooms! You could even use these in the kitchen to add a premium feel.

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14" Amber Glass Vase

We love the textured look of this tall amber glass vase! Perfect for adding fall or winter botanicals into.

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Amber Glass Jars with Lids

Use amber glass jars with lids to store extra toiletries in bathrooms! Think cotton wool or bath salts.

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13" Amber Glass Vase

Another great vase option for introducing amber colored glass into your home! Perfect for using alongside other decorative objects to finish off a styling area.

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Apothecary Glass Bath Accessories

This set of amber glass bath accessories are perfect for using in your master bathroom! Add a touch of luxury by keeping all your accessories the same.

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