Trend Alert: Backwards Books

Finalizing any room in the home comes down to styling. Using decorative objects and accessories can really finish off a space, and we love using books to do this! We have been using decorative books in a very different way and wanted to share this with you as a lot of people are starting to do the same – Backwards Books! Let’s take a closer look at Backwards Books!

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Why we love it!

We love using books to finalize a space because they can fill up as much or as little space as you need on a bookcase, shelf or table. Backwards Books in particular are fantastic for using in colorful interiors where the styling needs to be toned down. By facing the books the opposite way – backwards – all the books appear consistent. 

How to use it. 

Instead of displaying your books with the spine facing you, try positioning them backwards!

You can display books in a number of places throughout the home to add to your styling. This includes kitchen shelves if they are exposed, sideboards, console tables, coffee tables, shelves throughout your house! Bedrooms and living rooms are also great rooms to accessorize with books and other decorative objects.

When styling your home, think of each individual surface or furniture component and use the layering mindset. Use backward books to display smaller objects on for example.

What to watch for.

As with any interior design trend, there are some considerations that you should take into account when thinking of using backwards books in your home.

You should avoid displaying too many books too close together and instead, space clusters of books evenly apart. You may need to adjust the quantities of books in the clusters to make your display balanced.

It is very easy to overcrowd surfaces with too much “stuff”. The easiest way to overcome this is to slowly build up the items you have displayed. Start with a few books, a small object, medium and large, step back and decide how to create more balance between those items. Think of the styling process like layering.

Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration, especially for styling your home and providing examples of well-balanced styled areas.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Backward Books can last many years in your home because they aren’t facing forward! Meaning that no matter what subject your books are, you can create a seamless and consistent bookshelf or styled display. 

Another reason why I love using backward books for styling is that you can easily move them around or swap more in or out if you start to get bored of the display. All the while keeping your favorite books. However, if you haven’t got many existing books to use for this purpose then there are plain colored books you can pick up cost-effectively for styling.

Books are always great items to use to uplift your styling around the home and using them backward will enhance the overall look by keeping the tones consistent.

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