Trend Alert: Bamboo Shades

Our latest Trend Alert features a specific window treatment that is fantastic for layering! And that is – Bamboo Shades! Many interior designers, keen DIY’ers and interior bloggers have been raving about Bamboo Shades for a while and there’s no surprise as to why. Let’s take a closer look at Bamboo Shades!

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Why we love it!

Bamboo shades not only provide warmth and texture to any interior, but they are also fantastic for layering drapery panels on either side of the window too! Layering window treatments create a premium look to any space. Previously bamboo shades have been associated with more Bohemian style interiors but they are becoming hugely popular within more modern settings too!

How to use Bamboo Shades.

Using bamboo shades in your home is relatively straightforward! Instead of installing a traditional fabric shade, you’re installing a bamboo one instead.

If you are looking to create a layered look for your windows, you should consider inside mount bamboo shades with drapery panels on the outside. This will make your space look premium and cohesive. We recommend this layered window treatment look in living areas and bedrooms!

You can use bamboo shades alone, however, we recommend only doing this in rooms that do not require complete blackout or lots of privacy. They are most suited to living areas, dining rooms, and kitchens if being installed alone.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of installing bamboo shades in your home.

Bamboo shades often come unlined. This means that they can lose their shape easily and can provide little or less privacy than other shade materials. For this reason, you should think carefully about how regularly you will need to raise and lower them. They can also come with lengthy cords which can be a hazard for homes with kids or pets.

In terms of cost for bamboo shades, they are similar to other blinds on the market.

Before purchasing or installing bamboo shades, be sure to understand the reasoning behind needing them and whether they are the right choice for the purpose.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Bamboo shades can last many years in your home because of the durable material they’re made from.

The most important thing about choosing bamboo shades for your home is to choose a timeless color! This could be as simple as a natural shade that will work with many other colors in the room or go darker to make a statement. If you do purchase a bamboo shade that is unlined, make sure to have another window treatment available to provide privacy if needed.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to us for advice if you’re still stuck on styles!

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