Trend Alert: Boho Accessories

Accessorizing your home can totally transform the look and feel of each room. Accessories allow you to easily add color, texture, and personality into your home, and I personally LOVE to finish off my client’s homes with the perfect pieces! One key style of home accessories that are taking the world by storm right now are Boho Accessories! With the shift from gray colors to warmer, more natural colorings, it’s no wonder people are now leaning more toward some Boho Accessories. If you love boho interiors then you’ll want to know everything about this Trend Alert. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love Boho Accessories!

Boho accessories encapsulate many different pieces of home decor so there is something for everyone and every type of space in the home! We love using boho accessories because they are often full of texture, visual interest, and pattern. Boho accessories include items like: macrame wall hangings, using baskets as planters, gold-framed mirrors, and indoor plants with fun planters!

How to use boho accessories. 

It’s relatively easy to use boho accessories in your home, because they tend to be neutral in color, therefore making it easy to blend in with other colors already in the home. Start by swapping one accessory for something with more of a boho feel to it, and gradually bring more boho accessories into your spaces! Use macrame wall hangings on empty walls to inject texture, add indoor plants with planters to bookcases, or use dried pampas leaves to finish off a vase.

What to watch for.

There is one main consideration to take into account when thinking of using boho accessories in your home…

It’s quite easy to go completely overboard and make a room look cluttered, even if your intentions are good. You may need to have a declutter of your home before adding in boho accessories to ensure you have a cleaner space to begin with. Always start with a couple of pieces, and slow bring more in until you gradually find a good balance of accessories.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Boho accessories can last many years in your home if chosen correctly!

The first step for ensuring your new boho accessories last, is to choose a few key pieces and to make sure that you absolutely love them. Avoid buying accessories just for the sake of it, and you will find that you develop a good collection of boho accessories over time. This will allow you to move things round and switch things up when needed without overcrowding your home with “stuff”.

Make sure to intentionally choose your accessories.

You might like:

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Scandinavian Design

Hyacinth Tote Basket

Natural baskets are a staple boho accessory that can be used in any home! Use as storage for blankets, or line it and use as a planter.

Scandinavian Design

Tapered Planter with Gold Stand

Use fun planters for your indoor plants, like this ivory tapered planter with gold stand!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Large Macrame Wall Hanging

This large macrame wall hanging will definitely get your guests talking! Perfect for adding texture into any space.

Scandinavian Design

Macrame Wall Hanging

This beautiful hand woven macrame wall hanging is another staple boho accessory that looks fantastic in many homes!

Scandinavian Design

Neutral Pouf

Poufs are a great way of adding color and texture to your home! Many of them now feature boho patterns and are heavily associated as a boho accessory!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Seagrass Basket with Handles

This seagrass basket with handles is an iconic staple boho accessory that is also super practical for using throughout the home.

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