Trend Alert: Brass Lighting

Staying up to date with the latest interior design trends is just one aspect of the job! And I love seeing what is coming up and what homeowners are loving the most. One interior design trend that is here to stay is Brass Lighting! A sophisticated and premium looking finish that instantly lifts any fixture.

Let’s take a closer look at Brass Lighting!

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Why we brass light fixtures!

Brass as a finish can instantly warm up any interior scheme, and brass lighting is no different! Using brass light fixtures in your home can make your spaces feel warmer. I love designing rooms that have dark and moody walls because brass lighting can really pop in them! Brass lighting also adds a luxurious touch to any room as the brass finish helps to make the fixture glisten, even when it’s turned off!

How to brass light fixtures. 

Brass lighting can be used throughout the home! Here are some ideas:

Bathrooms: Use brass wall sconces above the vanity to frame a mirror, or use flush mount fixtures that are brass. Pair with black or brass hardware to complete the look!

Kitchens: Use brass pendant lights above kitchen islands to add a premium and warm touch to the space.

Bedrooms: Brass table lamps are ideal for using in bedrooms! These add a luxurious feel to the room.

Living Areas: Make a statement with a brass floor lamp that will continue to glisten even when turned off.

What to watch for.

As with any interior design trend, there are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using brass lighting in your home…

While it may be tempting to switch out all of your light fixtures for brass ones, you could risk using too much brass and making your home look and feel overwhelming. Metals were made to be mixed, so don’t be afraid of this!

One thing you should be aware of when considering brass lighting for your home, is that not every brass finish is the same, especially when ordering from different vendors. Make sure you can see the finish in person before purchasing or you can easily return the item if it doesn’t work well with other pieces.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Brass lighting can last for many years – and often a lifetime! – if chosen correctly.

Firstly, you should decide which room you would like to introduce a new metal finish to. Or maybe you already have brass in your home but need to add brass lighting fixtures to finish it off. Either way – decide which room or area to begin with and start researching for the sort of fixture you would like to have there.

Make sure to check the warranty, reviews and specifications of the brass lighting fixtures you plan to purchase. Choose a reputable vendor where possible – good lighting is an investment into your home!

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Sculptural Glass Pendant Light

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Acrylic Column USB Table Lamp

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Square Brass Table Lamp

Looking to add a sculptural piece to your home? This table lamp does exactly that! And will make a statement in any living space.

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2-Light Globe Wall Sconce

A 2-light wall sconce is most suited to use above a vanity mirror in a bathroom or powder room! This fixture is sure to add opulence to any space.

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