Trend Alert: Charging Stations


With so many different devices in the household, keeping everything fully charged up can quickly become a hefty task. Instead of having different devices plugged into different sockets throughout the house, use a Charging Station instead! With Charging Stations, you can quickly plug in every device that needs some extra battery charge, and keep them all together. These are typically found in the kitchen, but you could set some up elsewhere in the home too.

This Trend Alert focuses on Charging Stations and we share our top tips and ideas on how to successfully use them in your own home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love charging stations!

Most families we work with have charging stations in their kitchens as everyone congregates there after a busy day for a meal. It makes sense to have a charging station in your kitchen because it’s the heart of the home that everyone frequents during the day.

Charging stations help busy families keep chargers and cords together, and therefore keep the surfaces clean and tidy from any clutter. They also help to keep all electrical cords together, thus avoiding any family feuds over who took which charger and didn’t return it!

How to use Charging Stations. 

Adding a charging station into your home is quite straightforward!

There are many different places you can set up a charging station in your home. The most popular is in the kitchen where you could set up a charging drawer that has an integrated socket installed. This is a great option for those with lots of flat devices like iPads or laptops.

Alternatively, an easy charging station can be achieved with a pop-up section of the kitchen island that has multiple sockets.

Or, simply choose a shallow cabinet where electrics have already been wired to and store all the device chargers there for easy charging that everyone can access.

What to watch out for with Charging Stations

The main consideration to take into account when considering a charging station in your home is whether there are electrical feeds available in order to create the charging station. The way to overcome this? Choose somewhere that you know already has an electrical outlet. Wires from an existing outlet are easier to modify and create new ones than having to completely rewire extra duplex receptacles in.

If adding a new electrical connection is too much work, then you can purchase storage baskets that can be wired in / plugged into a socket in order to create a budget version of a charging station.

Ways to make charging stations last in your home

Charging stations can last a lifetime in your home!

It’s important to choose a style of charging station that will work for you and your family. If having popup sockets on your kitchen island isn’t something you’d like, then look at some alternatives. It’s crucial to ensure you will all be happy with the set up to ensure its longevity.

Setting up a charging station in your home can be as simple as you like, depending on your needs. The location of the charging station also plays into its longevity, so choose somewhere that can be easily accessible for everyone.

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