Trend Alert: Curved Kitchen Hoods

One part of being an interior designer is keeping abreast of the industry and forecasting what’s coming. Typically this comes through our extensive design research, keeping up with design magazines, and hearing what our clients love about what they see too. Today we will be focusing on an element of kitchen design that doesn’t get spoken about enough – Kitchen Hoods! But more specifically, Curved Kitchen Hoods.  

This Trend Alert focuses on Curved Kitchen Hoods and we share our top design tips and considerations to take into account when considering using a curved kitchen hood as part of your kitchen design. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love curved kitchen hoods!

We love curved kitchen hoods because they break up the solid lines of a kitchen design. Many aspects of a kitchen are straight, square, and rectangular, and what is so great about using a curved kitchen hood is that it breaks this up with elegance.

There are lots of different kitchen design styles, and many of them can benefit from a curved kitchen hood to soften the space. So no matter what style of home you have, there are many options on the market that could give your kitchen an elegant and decorative edge! 

How to use Curved Kitchen Hoods. 

Adding a curved kitchen hood to your kitchen is straightforward in theory! 

There are some great pre-made curved range hoods that can easily work with an existing extractor insert. Just make sure the sizes work with each other. Alternatively, it’s straightforward to replace your existing kitchen hood with a completely new one that features a curved design to the exterior.

What to watch out for with Curved Kitchen Hoods

There are some considerations to take into account when considering a curved kitchen hood for your home…

While it may be tempting to update your kitchen range hood to a curved one because it’s trendy right now, it’s important to make sure you absolutely love the look and you’re not just changing it because they’re everywhere. Choose a curved kitchen hood because you absolutely love the style and what it can do for your kitchen design, not just because it’s trendy.

If you decide that a curved kitchen hood isn’t for you, explore all the options in our comprehensive guide – Kitchen Hood Tell All!

Ways to make Curved Kitchen Hoods last in your home

Curved kitchen hoods can last a lifetime in your home!

As with any other design decision, it’s important to consider it carefully. If you love a timeless home that never goes out of style, it’s worth considering a curved kitchen hood to add some visual interest and elegance to the space!

It’s critical to get the design of the curved kitchen hood just right, and in proportion with your kitchen cabinets and space in general. We recommend getting a custom hood if your budget allows!

Alternatively, there are some great retail options available that may suit your home.

We love designing kitchens here at Innovatus Design. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a kitchen question or would like help with your remodel! We work in person in the greater Chicagoland area and offer virtual design services across the U.S.!

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