Trend Alert: Encaustic Tile

Do you love keeping up to date with interior design trends? Or perhaps are looking for a creative and fun way to tile a bathroom or backsplash? Encaustic Tile could be just what you’re looking for! This Trend Alert focuses on Encaustic Tiles, the background of what they are, and our top tips and ideas on how to use them successfully in your own home! Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love Encaustic Tile


Encaustic Tiles have been made through a process that involves heating to seal in dyes and clays. And that is what makes them extremely durable! Instead of color being applied to the surface of the tiles, color runs through the tiles themselves so won’t wear off over time. Aside from the practical side of these tiles, we love the creative and colorful look they create! Encaustic tiles feature bold geometric designs that evoke the look of a classic villa. They also tend to have a textured surface and/or edges which adds to the overall visual interest they have.

How to Encaustic Tile. 

Adding encaustic tiles to your home is really straight forward.

These tiles can be used pretty much everywhere! Any surface in the bathroom, kitchen, and even outdoors. You should check whether they are porcelain or cement-based tiles.

The biggest question mark you’ll face when using encaustic tiles is which pattern and colors to use! There’s a wide variety available on the market which can make decisions difficult. The trick here is to either stick with monochrome tiles or those with one accent color. Ensure you can use the accent color through other accessories in the room like towels, bath mats etc.

What to watch for with Encaustic Tile

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of installing encaustic tiles in your home…

It’s important that you choose the right tile for its application. Traditional encaustic tiles are generally frost-proof and can therefore be used outside. However, cement tiles cannot. If in doubt – always check with the manufacturer.

When choosing the design of the tiles, ensure you choose a timeless pattern and colorway where possible. If you’re going for a bold tile – embrace this and make a statement with the choice!

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Encaustic tiles can last a lifetime if chosen and installed well!

Use encaustic tiles for creative backsplashes, feature walls or niches, or as flooring in a small powder room or mud room to add a fun look. Choose a colorway that you can pick out and use for other accessories in the room to create a cohesive space.

If you are worried about colors looking dated in a few years time, choose a neutral patterned tile, or black and white so you can use them with any other color. Always use neutral colors if you’re in doubt!

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