Trend Alert: Layered Place Settings


The festive season is well underway and we have been researching various Holiday decor ideas, including how to create the perfect tablescape! This year, we are seeing a huge surge in interest in Layered Place Settings! Creating a layered place setting creates a sophisticated and stylish tablescape for entertaining throughout the Holiday season. 

This Trend Alert focuses on Layered Place Settings and we share our top tips and ideas on how to successfully create them in your own home this festive season. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love layered place settings!

We love layered place settings because they give a cohesive look and style to any dining table. Creating layered place settings is perfect for entertaining at home, when family and friends are over. You can create extravagant place settings, or keep it simple for everyday use – the choice is yours!

Simply using chargers as the base to a place setting and choosing a fabric set of napkins is enough to completely elevate your everyday dining experience. While adding napkin rings, and stylish flatware can improve the look for entertaining guests at home.

How to use layered place settings 

Using layered place settings is fairly straightforward! 

You can use layered place settings in the kitchen or dining room, depending on where you dine. A simplified version of layered place settings can be achieved for everyday dining, while extra elements can be added to create the perfect tablescape for entertaining.

Do you have a breakfast nook in your kitchen? Use simple place settings for every day to create a homely and tidy look throughout the week.

What to watch out for with layered place settings

The main consideration to take into account when creating a layered place setting is the amount of items you use. You can quickly overcrowd a place setting which will result in it looking busy and unsightly. The way to overcome this? Keep things simple!

Another aspect to consider is your color scheme or materials used. Similarly to using too many items to create a layered place setting, using too many different colors or materials can throw the whole look off. Choose one or two colors with a complementary metal for flatware.

Ways to make layered place settings last in your home

Layered place settings can last many years in your home!

The key to ensuring your layered place settings last is to choose a timeless color and materials palette. This way, you can choose accent items depending on what sort of occasion you are entertaining for.

You should think about layered place settings like the layers of a cake. Start with a placemat, then a charger plate, the main plate on top, and a colored fabric napkin with a ring holder to finish. On either side you should aim to have stylish flatware and glasses.

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Gold Charger Plates

Use a gold decorative charger plate to start layering a place setting.

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Black Flatware Set

This set of 20 black flatware adds a creative flair to any place setting!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Whitewashed Placemat

You can use a decorative placemat on which to start creating a layered place setting!

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Cotton Napkins

Cotton napkins are perfect for both everyday and occasional use! Making them an essential for creating a layered place setting.

Scandinavian Design

Travertine Napkin Ring

These travertine napkin rings add a rustic touch to any dining tablescape.

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Bronze Napkin Rings

A dark napkin ring is perfect for keeping lighter colored napkins in place when preparing a layered place setting.

Scandinavian Design

Gold Napkin Rings

These stylish gold napkin rings add an elegant touch to a place setting.

Scandinavian Design

Textured Jacquard Napkins

For a more decorative touch to a layered place setting, use textured napkins!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Brushed Champagne Flatware Set

A set of champagne gold flatware is perfect for using to create a layered place setting for any occasion.

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