Trend Alert: Layered Window Treatments

Over the years I have seen many interior design trends come and go. But I have seen Layered Window Treatments stay – it’s a timeless classic that has many different options and will never go out of style. Let’s take a closer look at Layered Window Treatments!

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Why we love it!

There are so many options with layered window treatments that there are every reason to love this trend! You can use layered window treatments throughout the home to dress your windows and provide privacy layers where needed. Layered window treatments are also an opportunity to introduce color and pattern to a space.

How to use it. 

Luckily there are a number of different ways and routes you can take with layered window treatments. All it takes is a few different components and you can create great window treatments. Here are some ideas!

If you prefer simplicity then layering different drapery panels will be a good choice for you. These could be a sheer panel and curtain panel so you can add pattern and color. This option works particularly well for living areas and dining rooms.

Alternatively, you can layer a blind on the inside with a drapery panel to the outside of the window. You may find this route ideal for bedrooms where blackout is needed.

For both of the above options, you can also layer an upholstered cornice to surround all the drapery and blinds. This can help to completely set the window treatments in place with one final piece.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of layering window treatments in your home. It is easy to overcrowd a window with too many window treatments and equally easy to install too little.

Firstly, if you are using multiple drapery panels it is important that you purchase the right size drapery panels and curtain rods. You will want the inner panel to open and close easily, while the outer panel will likely be to dress the area. Always purchase the right size panels for the full size of the window, plus a third for stacking.

For any curtain rods we recommend purchasing rods that are longer than the width of the window. This is to accommodate the curtain panel stack back, when they are open. The thicker the fabric, the thicker the stack back.

If you are thinking of using a blind and layering drapery panels on top, make sure the blinds sit within the window or that there is enough space between the wall surface and drapery panels if the blind is being installed outside.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Layered window treatments can last many years in your home if you choose appropriate areas of the home for them and the right fabrics.

The key to choosing where to install layered window treatments is to think of where you need privacy. Almost every area of the home requires privacy in one form of the other during nighttime. But your preference for how much light comes through the window treatments is personal and up to you. Typically we recommend black out for bedrooms and cinema rooms, while this may not be required for your living areas. In black out areas, layered drapery panels are ideal: an inner sheer for daytime use and black out curtains for outside that can be used overnight.

For other areas of the home, like living rooms and dining rooms, blinds are a great option to use with drapery panels as you can be more creative with the fabrics and tailor them to your interior design scheme. In kitchens and bathrooms we don’t usually recommend layered window treatments unless the rooms are large and the windows are tall and not directly above any cabinetry. Otherwise, blinds will be a good option here and can be dressed with upholstered cornices.

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