Trend Alert: Ledge Shelves

In a few of my recent interior design projects I have been using a specific type of shelf to display various items. And that is – Ledge Shelves! These shelves are becoming more and more popular so it’s only right that this Trend Alert is created. Let’s take a closer look at Ledge Shelves!

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Why we love it!

We love using ledge shelves in the spaces we design because they provide a different type of styling and decor to the room! There are lots of different ways you can use ledge shelves, and even more options on what you can use to style them with. Adding a personal touch through the styling is one of my favorite things to do as an interior designer, as the home is so personal to the people who live there. 

How to use Ledge Shelves. 

Luckily there are a number of different ways and routes you can take with ledge shelves. All it takes is a few different components to style them with and you can create a completely different type of wall decor! Here are some ideas for your home:

You can use ledge shelves in kitchens and bathrooms to display framed prints or posters that are relevant to that room, and add some succulents to break up the frames. Ledge shelves are really helpful for displaying fine china and display-worth plates.

I particularly like to use ledge shelves in nurseries or bedrooms! You can display kids’ books really easy on them and supplement this with a stuffed animal or two.

For bedrooms in general, you can use ledge shelves to display magazines, small indoor plants, framed photographs, and many other small accessories!

The key to using ledge shelves in your home is to layer up the styling components on them so it doesn’t look too cluttered or too empty – it’s all about balance.

What to watch for.

As with any interior design trend, there are some considerations that you should take into account when thinking of using ledge shelves in your home.

You should avoid installing too many ledge shelves or multiple shelves too close together. The number of shelves you need will depend on the wall you have chosen, and you could have space for two or more shelves or only one. Get a second opinion from your partner or family member if you are unsure. Look on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration!

It is very easy to overcrowd the ledge shelf and display too many objects. The easiest way to overcome this is to slowly build up the items you have displayed on the shelf. Start with a small object, medium and large, step back, and decide how to create more balance between those items. Think of the styling process like layering.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Ledge shelves can last many years in your home if you choose the right empty walls in your home. 

Another reason why I love ledge shelves so much is that you can swap your objects and freshen up the styling if you get bored. This goes for any room you choose to install ledge shelves in: bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, or even the kitchen and bathroom.

The key to choosing the right wall for ledge shelves is to think of where you have any blank wall space that makes the room feel unfinished. Blank wall space is okay to have but ideally, you should have some interest going on so your eyesight moves throughout the space.

For the finish of the shelves, you can either match the wood finish to one that is already used in the room or go down a minimal route with black or white shelves. Both wood and neutral/monochrome colored shelves are timeless so even if you remove them from the original wall after a few years you will be able to reuse them somewhere else.

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