Trend Alert: Matte Black Tile 

Interior design trends change regularly. Rest assured, we’re here to help keep you updated on what’s hot in residential design. Today’s trend alert is matte black tile. We’ve seen a surging interest in matte black tile in home design, however many homeowners who dive into this trend without an interior designer and regret it. 

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Why we love it! 

We love matte black tiles because they create a modern and striking look to an otherwise classic tile. These tiles are fun and can provide a more luxurious look to areas like bathrooms, kitchens and feature walls. When paired with lighter materials a high contrast is created. 

How to use it. 

Matte black tiles are not only stylish but extremely modern and easy to implement into your home. The great thing about using monochrome based tiles is that they will go with almost any other color, making matte black tiles extremely versatile.

Use matte black tiles with white, off-white or cream tiles or painted surfaces to enhance the contrast created and achieve an industrial inspired look. You can use these tiles in bathrooms, kitchens or even large foyers if the design allows.

Available in large format tiles, medium ones, mosaic arrangements and different shapes – there is something for every taste and application. Large format tiles are great for flooring or making an impact in bathrooms as the main wall surface. Mosaics are the perfect option for kitchen splash backs or bathroom walls and floors. 

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using matte black tiles in your home…

They will show water marks or spots in bathrooms, potentially making it hard to maintain or keep pristine. You can combat this by mixing matte and polished finish tiles together within spaces.

Use matte finished tiles in areas that aren’t used every day, such as backsplashes, feature areas on walls, or none wet areas. 

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Matte black tiles can last a lifetime in your home if used the right way and paired with other neutral finishes.

Pair matte black tiles with subway tiles for the ultimate timeless look. You can also pair these tiles with black marble stone to create a luxurious finish to bathrooms. In kitchens, you could use small matte black tiles as the backsplash.

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