Trend Alert: Multi-Media Art

Do you ever find yourself staring at blank walls in your home, wondering what to fill them with? You could display more family photographs, or get creative! Multi-media art could be just what you’re looking for! Multi-media art showcases three-dimensional pieces that are sure to add a stylish touch to any space. 

This Trend Alert focuses on Multi-Media Art and we share our top tips and ideas on how to successfully choose pieces for your own home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love multi media art!

Multi Media Art comes in a wide range of styles, and materials so there is something for everyone! They have been a total hit with our clients because they add a fun edge to any wall space. From macrame wall hangings, three-dimensional discs, and minimal plaster works, there is something for every interior design style! Adding a three dimensional piece of artwork into your home will inject an extra layer of texture and personality.

How to use Multi Media Art. 

Adding multi-media art to your home is quite straightforward! 

If you already have art displayed on your walls, consider switching them out for a multi media piece instead. You don’t need to just settle on one either! Add three or five smaller pieces to create a stylish arrangement – like in our project to the left.

Alternatively, if you’re getting bored of blank walls (maybe above the sofa?) or in a hallway, add some multi media art pieces and watch the space transform!

What to watch out for with Multi-Media Art

There are some considerations to take into account when considering a multi-media art piece for your home…

It’s important to consider the size of the piece you are considering for your space and ensure it will be perfectly in proportion with the rest of the wall. Is one piece going to look too twee on its own? Add another to create a more visually interesting display!

Some pieces may be on the heavier side because of the materials the artist has used to create them. Therefore you may need specialist fixings to mount them to the wall. Always ensure your wall can take the weight of any piece you choose!

Ways to make Multi-media Art pieces last in your home

Multi-media art pieces can last a lifetime in your home!

The key to ensuring your multi-media art piece lasts is to choose a timeless design. Do you prefer to have a neutrally decorated home? Embrace this and choose a neutral piece that features organic or natural textures to ensure it works with the overall space.

Alternatively, go all out and choose visually interesting and colorful pieces to ignite creativity and personality in your home!

Choose pieces you absolutely love, and you can’t go far wrong.

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Horse Jumping Metal Wall Art

A simple metal piece of wall art is ideal for adding subtle visual interest.

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3D Origami Shadow Box

This shadow box features handmade 3D origami wall art that is ideal for any contemporary or farmhouse inspired home.

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Natural Fiber Dimensional Wall Art

Use a gorgeous natural fiber piece of dimensional wall art like this one to inject texture to your home.

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Framed Fabric

A fabric piece of wall art is a great way of adding color and texture into your space!

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Dimensional Wall Art

Use a metal piece of dimensional wall art to inject personality and an element of mystery.

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