Trend Alert: Outdoor Lighting

We can’t help but keep up to date with the latest interior design trends – it’s such a fun and interesting part of being a designer! Today, we’re going to be taking you through the latest interior design trend that is becoming increasingly popular this season, and that is – Outdoor Lighting!  

This Trend Alert focuses on Outdoor Lighting as we share our top design tips and considerations to take into account when thinking of upgrading or adding outdoor lighting to the exterior spaces of your home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love outdoor lighting!

If you’ve read our other articles or follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that we are huge advocates for good lighting schemes throughout the home. While this is predominantly is within interiors, it also extends to the outdoor spaces too! And that is something that many homeowners forget about – creating their exterior spaces in a similar way to the inside of their homes.

We love outdoor lighting schemes because they can truly elevate the exterior of a home! From simple additions to help guide you through paths or the backyard to connect areas together – outdoor lighting should be considered in everyone’s external spaces.

Outdoor lighting is also important for security purposes, and keeping your front porch and driveway adequately illuminated.

How to use Outdoor Lighting. 

Using outdoor lighting for your home can be straightforward when you understand the various options available on the market, and which areas are important for you to have lit! 

For most homeowners, the minimum outdoor lighting will be on either side of the front door (with additional lights for porches), external wall lights by the garage, and some sort of light for illuminating the backyard. There are various options for lighting the backyard but many homeowners stick with just one overall light that spans most of the backyard.

Here are some ideas for getting your outdoor lighting off to a good start:

  • Wall sconces either side of the front door, or central pendant / flush mount above
  • Additional lighting for the front porch if needed
  • Driveway lighting (usually path lights)
  • Wall sconces either side of garage doors
  • Outdoor up lighters for illuminating pathways
  • Wall sconces for beside patio doors / where your main decking or patio is located
  • String lights for above a pergola or other structure
  • Outdoor table lamps for using within an outdoor living area
  • Outdoor lanterns (use candles or LED battery operated ones)

With the above ideas you can take what is applicable for your own home and research into options.

What to watch out for with outdoor lighting

There are some considerations to take into account when considering additional or new outdoor lighting for the exterior of your home…

Initially you may wish to ensure absolutely everything can be lit up, however this can actually have the opposite affect and create a football stadium look and feel! Instead, it’s important to think about how you want your outdoor areas to feel if you like to enjoy them late into summer evenings (outdoor decorative lights are best for this).

Alternatively, ensure your driveway, front porch, and patio areas can be illuminated properly for safety and security.

Ways to make outdoor lighting last in your home

Outdoor lighting can – and should! – last a lifetime in your home!

Choose timeless outdoor light fixtures that you love, and that provides the lighting you need. If you don’t spend much time outdoors on the patio or deck, then focus your efforts elsewhere on the driveway or porch for example.

Above all, make sure you absolutely love the light fixtures you choose and that they illuminate everything you need to ensure you will continue to love it for years to come!

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