Trend Alert: Outdoor Rugs

Spring is finally here in Chicago and I can’t wait to spend more family time outside in the backyard! Creating a relaxing outdoor space is a big priority for my husband and I so we can watch the kids play outside, and enjoy warm summer evenings comfortably outside too.

Outdoor Rugs are becoming increasingly popular because they add a decorative touch to an outdoor living space while injecting color and pattern too! It’s great to see more and more homeowners lean into creating an outdoor living space and using outdoor rugs to anchor the area. For that reason, Outdoor Rugs are my next Trend Alert! I’ll be taking you through how to use outdoor rugs and what to look out for when shopping for one.

Let’s take a closer look at Outdoor Rugs!

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Why we love outdoor rugs!

Using area rugs inside our homes anchors a living space, or other areas, while simultaneously adding pattern, color, and texture too. Outdoor rugs have a similar effect, but outdoors! When used in backyards, patios, or balconies, an outdoor rug helps to quickly define an area that will be used for any social setting – lounging or dining. There are many different styles, materials, patterns, and colors available now that creating a personal outdoor space for your family has never been easier!

How to use outdoor rugs. 

You can use outdoor rugs in your spaces in a few ways.

For smaller areas, like balconies or porches, you can use small outdoor rugs or runners to add a soft touch underfoot. These will add some color and pattern to these outdoor areas too!

In larger outdoor areas like patios, use an outdoor rug in a similar way to rugs inside the home! Use them underneath outdoor lounge furniture to define the area, and under outdoor dining sets too.

What to watch for.

There are a few considerations to take into account when thinking of using outdoor rugs in your outdoor space…

First, it’s the material or construction of the outdoor rug itself. There are lots of rugs online that say they are suitable for outdoors but actually aren’t. It’s important to consider what the outdoor rug is made from to understand its durability. Nylon rugs can be used outside in all seasons, while acrylic rugs are durable and soft underfoot when used outside. The best outdoor rug material is polypropylene as it is stain resistant, easy to clean, and won’t fade in the sun!

Next up, is the vast amount of options on the market! There are outdoor rugs with every pattern and color you can think of, making it super difficult for homeowners to decide on which style is best for them and their outdoor space. My recommendation when shopping for an outdoor rug is to narrow the search down by material first. Then take a look at what sort of colors would work with your furniture. Are you more of a neutral palette, or bright-color person?

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Outdoor rugs can last many years if chosen correctly!

One of the main things to consider is the material, which we have covered above. Then, the color, and/or pattern of the rug itself. Dark colors will hide dirt or marks easily, while sorter and lighter neutrals work with almost all furniture colors. If in doubt, choose a neutral color that will go with everything! 

Always choose an outdoor rug that can be easily cleaned and maintained. And remember to use a rug pad! Just because it is outside doesn’t mean it won’t move around easily. Rug pads can also provide longer protection for the outdoor rug itself.

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A bohemian patterned outdoor rug adds subtle color, but lots of interesting pattern! We love using these style patterned rugs throughout the home.

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Diamond Outdoor Rug

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Bordered Outdoor Rug

We love this bordered outdoor rug as the subtle pattern is sophisticated and elegant, while it will define a seating or dining area.

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Geometric Navy Outdoor Rug

This outdoor rug features a gorgeous geometric pattern to inject color into an outdoor area!

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Tapestry Outdoor Rug

A neutral outdoor rug is perfect for those that prefer a muted color palette, but this rug provides visual interest with the pattern!

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