Trend Alert: Rattan Lighting

I am super passionate about good lighting, so when a new lighting trend comes up I love to explore it as much as possible! And one trend that has become popular recently is Rattan Lighting! If you love to add texture into your home, or like more neutral spaces, this trend is ideal for you. Let’s take a closer look at Rattan Lighting!

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Why we love it!

Rattan lighting instantly adds warmth to a space which is why we love it! The organic and neutral look and feel of the fixtures bring a sense of comfort and coziness to the space they’re in. There is a great number of options available on the market right now, whether you need a new table lamp, kitchen island pendants, or feature light for your home, rattan lighting could be just the answer!

How to use rattan lighting. 

It’s relatively straight forward to use rattan lighting in your home. Instead of choosing a metal pendant light, choose rattan instead! There are different styles and patterns of rattan, as well as colors, so there is something to work for all sorts of spaces.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using rattan lighting in your home…

First, due to the weave style of rattan light fixtures, there will be light that shines through the gaps. If you are considering a rattan table lamp for somewhere you regularly read it may not provide enough focused light for you. Rattan lighting is great for decorative purposes, but not so practical for task lighting when you need more focused light.

It may be tempting to go all out with rattan lighting and add lots of it to your home. However, this can have an overwhelming effect on the spaces which isn’t ideal. Use rattan lighting as features within a room, and avoid overcrowding your home with it.

Ways to make rattan lighting last in your home

Rattan light fixtures can last many years in your home!

The first step for ensuring your rattan light fixture lasts a lifetime, is to choose a stain/color that you absolutely LOVE. Not sure you’re a fan of the deep tan/orange colored rattan? Choose a lighter stain that still provides warmth but is less brown in coloring.

It’s important to ensure you keep the rattan lighting to only decorative or accent lighting, and avoid overcrowding your home. Use a large pendant for the main light in a bedroom or living room. Alternatively, use smaller pendants above the kitchen island or choose a table lamp for your family room or guest bedroom.

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Rattan Base Table Lamp

Add some rattan into your home through this rattan base table lamp! The subtle touch of organic texture brings warmth to a space.

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Outdoor Round Pendant

This round pendant light shows the very best of rattan lighting! Although this light is suitable for outdoors, you could use it inside too.

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Rattan Table Lamp

Another beautiful option for a rattan table lamp – this one features a jug like shape!

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Round Wicker Rattan Pendant

Give your living room, dining room or bedroom a new lease of life with this round pendant light.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Rattan Shade Floor Lamp

If you’re a lover of modern materials and shapes, this floor lamp is for you! Blend natural texture with a modern finish.

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