Trend Alert: Reading Lamps

Are you an avid reader? Or perhaps you knit or have an embroidery hobby? Whether you’re any of these, or love to flip through a magazine on a Sunday morning, you may need a Reading Lamp! These are either table, floor, or wall lamps that are typically angled in a way to direct the light towards the user. This Trend Alert focuses on Reading Lamps and we share our top tips and ideas on how to use them successfully in your own home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love Reading Lamps!

We love using reading lamps in our interior design projects because they allow us to provide our clients with a light source that can be directed to their preference. Whether it’s for a reader or someone with an intricate hobby, reading lamps add a practical element to any room. Plus, with a wide range of different reading lamps on the market, there really is something for everyone!

How to use them. 

Adding a reading lamp into your home couldn’t be easier!

You can use reading lamps in your living room by choosing an adjustable or flexible floor lamp so you can position it to your requirements. Or choose a table lamp that offers a good amount of lighting.

For using in a bedroom, choose a wall mounted reading lamp to install above the nightstand. Again, choose one that can be adjusted!

What to watch for with reading lamps

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using a reading lamp in your home…

It’s important to ensure the reading lamp provides the right amount of light in order for it to be effective and useful for you. Ideally it should have 500 lumens as a minimum. 450 lumens is fine for most reading, writing and general work but you may prefer a brighter light at 500 lumens.

When choosing the design of the reading lamp, ensure you choose one that has the flexibility to be altered to your needs. This could be an adjustable arm, adjustable height, or tilting head / light source.

Ways to make reading lamps last in your home

A reading lamp can last a lifetime if chosen right!

Wherever you spend the most time reading or doing an intricate hobby, is where a reading lamp should be positioned. For your living room this could be beside your end of the sofa or beside an armchair.

If you like to read in bed, a swing-arm wall mounted lamp is ideal for this as it will give you the flexibility to angle the light perfectly towards your book.

In terms of the design for the reading lamp, take cues from other elements of the room. Have you already used bronze or brass? Then a gold reading lamp will work seamlessly!

If in doubt, always choose a timeless design and finish and the reading lamp will last a lifetime!

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Wall mounted reading lamps are perfect for using in bedrooms to provide flexible lighting.

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Brass Desk Lamp

Use a desk lamp that has an adjustable arm like this one, to provide good lighting for reading.

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