Trend Alert: Textured Area Rugs

Using area rugs in your home is a great way of defining an area or space within a room. Not only this, they add a layer of comfort while adding to the overall design of the space too. Recently, we have seen a huge interest in Textured Area Rugs! Textured Area Rugs encompasses lots of different rug types that we will explore shortly. 

This Trend Alert focuses on Textured Area Rugs as we share our top design tips and considerations to take into account when considering a textured area rug in your home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love textured area rugs!

We love textured area rugs because of the soft comfort they provide. Area rugs in general help to define a specific area within a space, while textured ones specifically add to the overall comfort level by adding a tactile element.

Textured area rugs can be anything from cozy shaggy wonders to intricate pieces that blend different materials together, like chenille for example. What we love most about textured area rugs is that there is something out there for everyone and every design style! There are luxurious options, and budget-friendly ones, so no matter what you’re looking to get from your textured area rug, there is something out there for you to inject extra comfort and warmth into your space. 

How to use textured area rugs. 

Adding a textured area rug into your home is super straightforward! 

Simply replace your existing area rug with one that has lots of texture and softness. This will inject a beautiful layer of comfort underfoot.

What to watch out for with textured area rugs

There are some considerations to take into account when considering textured area rugs in your home…

For those with young kids and pets, a cozy shaggy area rug (while super soft and comforting) will be extremely difficult to keep clean. Crumbs and hair can quickly build up in these types of rugs because of the long fibers.

Instead, choose a soft area rug that features polyester as a material to ensure it’s durability, and one that is thinner and easier to keep clean.

Explore Washable Rugs and Rug Construction Materials for the full scoop!

Ways to make textured area rugs last in your home

Textured Area Rugs can last a lifetime in your home if chosen correctly!

As with any other design decision, it’s important to consider a new rug carefully. There are lots of different options on the market, from different materials, shapes, designs, and colorways. Will you choose one that is machine washable? Will you go bold and all out with a striking pattern, or play it safe with something plain?

It’s important to choose a textured rug with coloring that is already used within the space. This will help to ensure it fits seamlessly with what you already have in the room. Otherwise, if you’re designing a space from scratch – the sky is the limit! So choose something you absolutely love!

Above all, make sure you absolutely love the rug choice to ensure you will continue to love it for years to come!

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