Trend Alert: Undermount Sinks

I work on a number of bathroom renovation and remodel projects and absolutely love using undermount sinks when it’s appropriate to do so. Undermount sinks create a really sleek finish to a bathroom or powder room, so there’s no wonder why they are becoming more and more popular! Let’s take a closer look at undermount sinks…

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Why we love it!

Undermount sinks can make any bathroom look more premium, modern and sleek. They work particularly well with solid surface countertops to create a durable and contemporary solution for any powder room or bathroom. With undermount sinks you also have the opportunity to use different mount styles for the faucet. Wall mounted faucets are a popular choice with undermount sinks.

How to use it. 

Luckily there are a number of different ways you can use under-mount sinks. You can use them in both bathrooms and kitchens!

We recommend using under-mount sinks with solid surface or granite/stone countertops only.

Use under-mount sinks in your bathroom or powder room to create a sleek, polished look.

If you love having a clean and clear countertop in your kitchen, using an under-mount sink will help to keep this look cohesive with your counters.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of installing an under-mount sink in your home…

Firstly, under-mount sinks are not recommended for use with wooden or laminate countertops. This is due to water damage and the risk of water seeping through at the joins. Drop in sinks would be the better choice for longevity with wooden or laminate countertops.

Another thing to consider is who will be installing the sink. Improper installation can lead to leaks and unnecessary damage so always seek help from a professional.

The cost of under-mount sinks can also be more costly than traditional drop in sinks, especially if you add professional installation costs too.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Undermount sinks can last many years in your home if you choose a reputable manufacturer and are installed by a professional.

The key to choosing a timeless under-mount sink is to consider the overall style you are going for and examine what other finishes are going in the room. Stainless steel under-mount sinks work well in kitchens that have predominantly chrome or nickel hardware, although these sinks can also work well with brass hardware and faucets. If you prefer finishes to match in your kitchen, you may wish to proceed with a white porcelain or ceramic under-mount sink when pairing with brass or bronze hardware and faucets.

These principles also apply when using under-mount sinks in bathrooms or powder rooms. However, we recommend not using stainless steel here as this finish is very utilitarian. Use white porcelain or ceramic under-mount sinks here for a stylish finish.

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