Trend Alert: Wafer Recessed Lighting

Interior design trends change regularly. Rest assured, we’re here to help keep you updated on what’s hot in residential design. Today’s trend alert is Wafer Recessed Lighting. We’re seeing a huge surge of interest in sleek and minimal ceiling lights to complement central fixtures. Lighting design is a whole other realm entirely from interior design, meaning that many homeowners who dive into this trend without an interior designer to help with the lighting – regret it. We’re going to share design tips for how to use wafer recessed lighting effectively in your space so you can avoid mistakes.  

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Why we love it!

We love wafer recessed lighting because they create a clean and sleek look to the ceiling and provide a modern look to interior spaces. This type of lighting is great to use as general lighting throughout the home as supplements to central lighting fixtures, flush-mount, pendants, chandeliers. The amazing feature of wafer recessed lighting is that they are extremely thin, housing-free LED downlights – perfect for those with limited overhead space!

How to use them. 

Wafer recessed lighting can be used throughout the home to provide a good amount of general light to spaces. Many of the wafer recessed lights are LEDs so they are more energy-efficient and last a long time.

These light fixtures look great as perimeter lighting to bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. You can also use them in narrow hallways instead of flush-mount fixtures.

Wafer recessed light fixtures are available in a variety of sizes and light temperatures meaning there is something for every taste and application. 6 inch fixtures are the most popular, but 4 inch is also available for smaller areas.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using wafer recessed lighting in your home…

While it may be tempting to only use these slim light fixtures for ceiling lighting in your home, this isn’t recommended unless you are dead-set on having a sleek and modern look. Using these fixtures entirely for a room’s lighting is not effective and can be very limiting.

You will also need to consider the glare caused by wafer recessed lights and use them accordingly.

The wafer recessed lighting should only be used as supplements to your central light fixture or feature lighting.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

This trend is timeless and it’s pretty easy to make it last in your home. If you use wafer recessed lighting for perimeter lighting in your home, the overall look and customization of lighting will last a lifetime. Opt for fixtures that are a similar color to your ceiling finish so they blend into the ceiling.

If you’re looking to light a particular object within your space, a bookcase or drapery panels for example, you should install the wafer recessed light about 12 to 18 inches in front of the object.

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