Trend Alert: Washable Rugs

Have you seen the latest interior design trend of Washable Rugs?! Undoubtedly a must-have for any family home, Washable Rugs offer all the benefits of adding a rug into a space, while ensuring it can be washed properly should the need arise. If you have a large family, have kids or pets, then you’ll want to know everything about Washable Rugs! Let’s take a closer look at this Washable Rugs Trend Alert!

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Why we love it!

As a mom of young twins, I have really leaned into any home item that can be washed easily. And Washable Rugs is one of those! They look and feel very similar to normal rugs, but are made from synthetic fibers that are safe for putting in the washing machine.

We love Washable Rugs here at Innovatus Design because they are a lifesaver for busy families! Particularly in high traffic areas of the home that pick up dirt and marks, Washable Rugs are a must-have.

How to use washable rugs.

It’s relatively straight forward to add a washable rug in your home. Where you would normally have a rug or runner, think about whether you would benefit from being able to wash it! If the answer is yes, then a washable rug is the perfect solution.

What to watch for with washable rugs.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using washable rugs in your home…

Firstly, there are lots of companies out there that claim their rugs are machine washable but they actually aren’t. It is super important to check all the reviews for the product before you consider purchasing to make sure the product does what it says it does! Always check on the rug label for cleaning instructions.

You should also be aware that there are different rug construction materials which can influence whether a rug can be washed or not. The fibers that are best for being washable are: cotton, olefin, nylon, and polyester.

Also note that while washable rugs sound good in theory, it’s unlikely that a large rug would washed in a standard washing machine. Often they are too large to fit, and they also usually have large pieces of furniture on them. While it’s nice to think that a large family room rug is machine washable, I always discuss the logistics of washing larger rugs with my clients to weigh if it works from a lifestyle standpoint as well. 

Ways to make washable rugs last in your home

Washable rugs can last many years in your home!

The first step for ensuring this, is to choose a durable fiber that can be washed again and again without the risk of fading or damage. When shopping online, always choose to refine by machine washable. Some stores can be refined by their machine washable collection which can narrow down the options!

To choose a design or style of rug, approach it in exactly the same way as choosing any other rug! Are you a more traditional, industrial, farmhouse, or modern person? Make sure the rug you choose has colors running through it that are already used in your space. This will help to create a cohesive space!

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This beautiful geometric style diamond area rug is ideal for family homes as it’s machine washable! Great for those that love boho inspired decor.

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Blue Vintage Washable Rug

A vintage patterned rug is perfect for any style of home! The navy blue coloring of this rug is easy to blend into an existing color scheme.

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Gray Bordered Washable Rug

This bordered washable rug is ideal for using as a runner in kitchens or hallways where the traffic is higher!

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Blue Abstract Washable Rug

An abstract pattern rug is perfect for modern and contemporary homes! Plus the machine washable feature makes it a great option for families.

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Gray Tribal Washable Rug

This washable rug has a tribal yet geometric style pattern that will add visual interest to any space in the home!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Pink Patterned Washable Rug

If you’re a lover of soft pastel colors this pink patterned washable rug is for you!

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