Trend Alert: Wired Sound Systems

The biggest part of being an interior designer is making my clients’ lives easier. Great design has the power of transforming our routines, and therefore create more practical solutions. One element of interior design that is becoming very popular is Wired Sound Systems. These aren’t your average sound systems though! Forget large unsightly speakers throughout the home – these are hard-wired.

Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love wired sound systems.

Wired sound systems are fantastic for homeowners that have the ability to easily access their ceilings. They are also great for incorporating into the house designs of new builds if possible. Wired sound systems allow homeowners to control music throughout a home with the click of a button (or a small wall-mounted screen next to light switches). If you regularly have background music playing at home – wired sound systems are a must!

How place a wired sound system.

As long as you are able to access your ceilings, you shouldn’t have any trouble installing a wired sound system in your home.

Wired sound systems are great for adding to kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and even bathrooms! This will allow you to enjoy music throughout the house when you’re enjoying time at home.

You will need an electrician to advise on whether it is possible to install a wired sound system and to actually install it too.

What to watch for.

There is one main consideration to take into account when thinking of installing a wired sound system in your home…

And that hugely depends on the stage of your house build is. It’s all about whether you can make changes to wiring or not. If you decide that wired sound systems are a must for your home – make sure to notify your architects and contractors as soon as possible for advice. It may be too late in the build process to add new wiring in, but do check with your contractor before disregarding the idea.

For houses that are already built, it’s important to get professional advice from an electrician. They can advise you on whether it is possible to install a wired sound system and what sort of costs are involved.

Speaking of costs, it is expensive to install a wired sound system in your home. From the wiring, to installing wiring, the cost of the kit with speakers etc – be prepared to make an investment on this.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Wired sound systems can last many years in your home! In fact – they are designed to last a lifetime! 

Firstly, which rooms do you need the system installed in? While you’re having everything installed and wires chased into walls and ceilings – you should install the system in as many rooms as you’d like.

Make sure to check the warranty, reviews and specifications of the system that is being installed. Choose a system that is in the upper bracket of your budget – it is an investment into your home!

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