Trend Alert: Wood Accents

Interiors that are full of texture and warmth feel the most welcoming and homely. It is a regular request from my clients, and one way I do this in each and every project is by using Wood Accents! If you’re feeling like something is missing in your home, then you’ll want to know everything about Wood Accents! Let’s take a closer look at this Wood Accents Trend Alert!

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Why we love wood accents!

Over the years I have seen many homes where the owners have said “everything just feels cold and unwelcoming”. And this tends to be a result of not having any wood accents in the space! It’s amazing what one material can bring to a home.

We love using wood accents here at Innovatus Design because they help to bring warmth and a softness to a space. They can really soften an otherwise stark and sterile space. Wood accents should have a place in every home!

How to use wood accents in your home. 

Wood accents are relatively easy to add into your home, as almost any room can benefit from them!

In the kitchen, you can add wood open shelving or even a freestanding wooden bookcase. Elsewhere in the home, you can add a rustic wooden stool to bathrooms, wood console tables, wood end or side tables.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using wood accents in your home…

There is such a thing as too much of any one thing. Completely encasing your spaces with wooden accents will be too much! And totally overpowering. It is best to keep wood accents to a minimum where possible. Think one or two pieces for small rooms, and three or four for larger areas of the home. This will make sure the wooden pieces are accents, rather than bigger pieces of the design.

In smaller rooms of the home, make sure you use the same wood species for the accent pieces you choose. This will help to keep the space looking cohesive.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Wood accents can last many years in your home if chosen correctly!

The first step for ensuring this, is to choose pieces that are practical additions to the room. For example, a set of wood open shelving in the kitchen can be practical for styling with cook books. While a wooden end table is a practical piece for a living or family room.

Not sure which wood will work best in your home? Look for cues already there! Do you have any exposed wood in your home? This could be the perfect starting point. If you have no wood at all, then consider what sort of look you want to create. Oak is good for farmhouse and coastal inspired interiors, while walnut is a fantastic option for modern spaces.

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Open Bookcase

A wooden open bookcase is perfect for using in your home to bring some warmth into the space! There is also a lighter wood available.

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Solid Wood Console Table

A solid wood console table like this one is perfect for any hallway, entryway, or foyer! You could even use it behind a sofa to add a wooden accent into a living room.

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Solid Wood Stool

Add a solid wood stool to your bathroom as a decorative accent! This stool ideal for use throughout the home.

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Oak C-Table

Use this oak C-table in your living room or family room to add some warmth into your spaces.

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Live Edge Wood Bath Caddy

If you love a relaxing bath then this wooden bath caddy is for you! Perfect for adding into any bathroom to finish the look off.

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