Trend Alert: Wood Look Tile

Bathrooms are a great place to be creative with materials. While they used to be all-white and take on a fairly utilitarian look, many homeowners are leaning into new, colorful, and textural options to elevate their bathroom designs. A material that is becoming increasingly popular and widely used in the interior design industry is Wood Look Tile! 

This Trend Alert focuses on Wood Look Tile as we share our top design tips and considerations to take into account when considering wood look tile in your home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love wood look tile!

We love injecting personality, texture, and visual interest into the spaces we design, and the bathroom should be no different! While you can do this through accessories like towels, sometimes it makes sense to upgrade the materials used, such as tiles. If you regularly read our articles you’ll know that we are all about using durable and long lasting materials in our client’s homes. Wood look tiles can be extremely durable and have a high moisture resistance, making them perfect for use in bathrooms.

Aside from their practicalities, wood look tiles also add warmth and texture to the space which is important for spaces like bathrooms which can often feel very cold and dull. Wood look tiles actually give these spaces more life and make them feel more inviting and cozy.

How to use wood look tile 

Adding wood look tiles into your home can be relatively easy! 

There are many different wood look tile options – ceramic and porcelain being the most popular and readily available on the market. These can be used on the floors or walls, and aren’t just reserved for bathrooms! You could use wood look tiles in high traffic areas of the home for a durable floor material.

What to watch out for with wood look tile

There are some considerations to take into account when considering wood look tile for your home…

While wood look tiles are extremely durable, they are actually quite difficult to cut and install. It’s important to find a tiler that has experience with wood look tiles so a professional and sleek finish is achieved.

Ways to make wood look tile last in your home

Wood look tiles can last a lifetime in your home!

As with any other design decision, it’s important to consider it carefully. The great thing about wood look tiles is that they are very unlikely to chip or fade, unlike hardwood flooring. Wood look tiles are available in many different shades and sizes to suit any application. If you love a timeless home that never goes out of style, it’s worth considering wood look tile in your bathroom!

In order to make sure you love your new wood look tile, look at all the different options on the market so you can make an informed decision. Instead of choosing a gray toned tile, would a more natural looking one be better for your space and overall design? This will look less overwhelming in a space and be easier to get used to.

We love designing bathrooms here at Innovatus Design. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a bathroom question or would like help with your remodel! We work in person in the greater Chicagoland area and offer virtual design services across the U.S.!

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