Trend Alert: Zellige Tiles

We are seeing a huge surge in interest for Zellige Tiles! Originated in Morocco, these handmade tiles are unique and have a “wabi-sabi” charm about them. Adding texture and color to your bathroom or kitchen has never been easier than with these Zellige tiles. We love adding these into our projects! Let’s take a closer look!

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What are Zellige Tiles?

Zellige tiles (sometimes also known as Cloe Tiles) are handcrafted clay tiles that feature a natural variation in tone, shine and depth of glazing. The irregularity of the texture, shape and size makes these tiles unique. Zellige tiles originate from Morocco and have a rustic charm.

Why we love it!

We love zellige tiles because each one is totally unique! Therefore this creates a wall of beautifully rustic tiles that are full of color and texture. There is a huge variety of colors available so there is something for every space! You can also be super creative with these tiles because of the colors and shapes available to create a beautiful bathroom design.

How to use it. 

There are many ways you can use Zellige tiles in your home…

Our favorite way to use Zellige tiles is of course in bathroom designs! Some spaces benefit hugely from a change in texture to the walls so by using Zellige tiles you can switch up the texture of the room. This makes the bathroom visually interesting! Particularly for those who shy away from using different colors, the texture is a good substitute.

While Zellige tiles are heavily used in bathrooms, they also look beautiful as kitchen backsplashes! Instead of using a standard mosaic or subway tile, use Zellige tiles to bring a rustic charm to your kitchen!

No matter what your style is, Zellige tiles are a fantastic choice for adding texture to any home.

What to watch for.

While Zellige tiles are beautiful, there are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using them in your home.

If you prefer clean lines, flat surfaces, and everything looking perfect in your home – Zellige tiles may not be right for you. Due to the uniqueness of each individual tile, your wall will vary in color, texture, and finish around the edges. This is part of the beauty of Zellige tiles but are not necessarily for everyone. These tiles can also prove to be more difficult to clean because of the unique texture to them.

Another thing to consider is that Zellige tiles can be quite pricey! This is due to the origins of the tiles, the material, glazing, and that they are individually handmade.

These tiles should be installed with minimum grout, and instead butt jointed. Not all tilers have experience with installing Zellige tiles so this is also something to keep in mind when considering them.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Adding handmade tiles, like Zellige, to your home can feel daunting, but there are ways you can make this trend last for many years!

Choose a wall in your bathroom that could do with some color or texture – perhaps a backsplash area or feature wall behind a freestanding bathtub. You can even use Zellige tiles on the floor or in wet areas like showers, so get creative with the colors and add something unique to your space!

If you want to make these tiles last for many years in your home, choose a neutral color that will work with everything else in the room. Or go all out with color and make a statement wall!

Above all – embrace the texture and natural nature of the tiles and take the plunge!

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