Even before I started my career as an interior designer, I have always loved going to local art fairs. Starting with craft fairs first with my family, this soon evolved into a love for art fairs too! And even as a naturally artistic person, I’ve loved learning more about each artist’s process and their vision behind each piece they have created. 

It was very early in my relationship with my husband that I learned he was a glass artist, a medium that I’ve always been drawn to. He’s since retired from glass blowing, but we used to spend long weekends at art fairs while he sold his work. We got to know other artists and just appreciate what goes into those weekends in a very different way. 

Artwork is one of the easiest ways you can add color and texture into your home. This colorful piece is ideal for any family home! 

While we don’t set up a booth any longer (thankfully), we still love to attend and find pieces that speak to us for our own home. I’m always keeping an eye out for amazing artists who may be a good fit for a potential project later on as well. 

Art can be a tricky thing to get right for your home but plays a very important role in the overall design of the interior. If you’re embarking on curating an art collection for your space, here are our tips to help!


The Importance of Artwork in Interiors


Art can add color and texture to a space which can completely diversify the interior. Adding art to your interior can be a really helpful tool to finish off the space better. Even if sculptures are more your thing, or a hanging painting or mixed media piece – these are all still pieces of art and they really can make a difference to an interior. Not to mention adding a personal touch!

Aside from finishing off your spaces, artwork can provide a good starting point for conversation when you entertain and have guests over. The story of the piece or why the piece has resonated with you will speak volumes! Art can be a great translator between you and your personality and guests. Artwork should add more value to your life and help you to develop deeper connections with other people that visit your home.


Adding artwork to your home not only adds color and texture to a space, but it also adds emotion and personality that will be sure to be a talking point at your next dinner party!


Select Pieces that Speak to You

Visiting art fairs is great for seeking out new artists and pieces that speak to you emotionally. I’m loving this beautiful landscape


No – I don’t mean literally! – although that would be great right? I mean speak to you in the sense of evoking emotion within you. There will be many pieces of artwork that you love, a pretty sunset or waves crashing on a beach, but do they speak to you on an emotional level?

The art should speak to you in some way other than just being a visually nice looking piece. Adding artwork into your home that gives you a certain feeling or emotion will completely uplift your energy and feelings when going about your day-to-day. 

The pieces will also help to make your home feel more “finished” and polished off. Some may even want to re-style some of their spaces so the colors of the art are brought into the main interior too (think decor accessories, decorative pillows, etc). This is a great thing to do, but a contrast between the art and your accessories can also work as well, so don’t feel pressured to suddenly change everything else!


No matter what your personal style is when it comes to artwork – photography, mixed media, or oil paintings – it doesn’t matter so long as you have an emotional connection or reaction to the piece.


Size and Orientation Matters

If you’re looking for a real statement piece of artwork that fills a large wall – look no further! 


Before you purchase a new piece of artwork, make sure to check the size of the piece in relation to where it will be hung in your home. The orientation of the piece is also just as important… One portrait piece on a large wall will look out of place, however, if it’s a set of three portrait pieces, it may look okay.

One way to overcome the sizing and orientation is to make a note of the rooms and specific walls where you could hang a piece of artwork. Also, note down the ideal size of the piece and orientation so you can check at the fair whether it will fit in the space and look well proportioned to the rest of the room.

If in doubt, see if the artist will allow you to reserve the piece, or if they have any additional pieces in their studio that you could reserve so you can check all the measurements when you get home before committing.


Before embarking on an art fair trip or an online shopping spree for artwork, examine your room and the ideal size for artwork so the piece won’t look out of place or proportion.


Consider a Cohesive Installation


When searching for artwork for your space, be it online or in-person at art fairs, consider grouping multiple pieces from the same artist to create an impressive installation. Due to the similar method, technique, and style all of these pieces will look fantastic when grouped together and can really pull a whole space together in terms of the design.

There is nothing more beautiful than an interior styled with artwork by the same artist.


Have you been to any art fairs recently? Do you have artwork hung in your home? I would love to hear all about your experiences in the comments section below!

As always, if you need assistance with your interior space or help to finish it off – get in touch today!