If you are a regular reader here, you will know that we love to share our knowledge of kitchen design. As one of our most sought-after rooms for interior design, it is one of the only rooms in the house where form meets function. The functionality of a kitchen is non-negotiable but can vary greatly between clients.

One aspect of kitchen design that we have yet to discuss in detail is the sink! 

Choosing the right sink for your kitchen is crucial for achieving the perfect balance between function and aesthetics. Are you wanting to create a super sleek barely there look? Or do you prefer something more traditional? The sink can play a big part in how the overall kitchen looks and feels.

In this article, we delve deeper into kitchen sinks and the 3 Basic Sink Types available. Each style brings its own positives and negatives, and while one may not be for you, one of the others certainly will be the perfect match. 

Let’s explore the 3 Basic Sink Types in detail, discovering their unique characteristics to guide you toward creating the perfect kitchen that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

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1. Undermount Sink


The most contemporary sink type is the under-mount sink. Quite literally, it is under-mounted to the countertop to create a seamless and sleek look. They are a must-have for any modern kitchen design because of the seamless look they create.

Undermount sinks help to focus your eye on the countertop and overall kitchen design, rather than making the sink a feature. They look minimal and are easy to keep clean.

Most undermounted sinks are available in stainless steel, ceramic, or granite composite. In terms of shape, bowl size, and quantity of bowls – almost anything goes! There are lots of options on the market to choose from to suit your needs. From double bowls, to one-and-a-half bowls, there is something for everyone.

There are a few considerations to take into account with undermount sinks though. Undermount sinks require more support underneath as they tend to be on the heavier side. They also sit much lower than a drop-in sink (which we will look at shortly) and therefore require more space within the cabinet, thus taking up potential storage for cleaning supplies.

Undermounted sinks require precise installation. A skilled professional is required to install them. However many homeowners believe this to be worth it to create the edgeless and sleek look.

Fireclay Undermount Kitchen Sink

Use a super durable fireclay undermount sink in your kitchen to add a sleek yet practical sink to your space.

Undercount Stainless Steel Sink

A stainless steel kitchen sink is a great option for modern and contemporary kitchen designs.

Granite/Resin Undermount Kitchen Sink

We love this resin style undermount kitchen sink because it comes with extra features to aid food preparation.

2. Drop-In Sinks


Drop-in sinks are very similar to undermounted ones in that they create a relatively minimal look in a kitchen. They literally drop into the hole in the countertop with a portion of the edges sitting on top of the countertop surface. A minimal look can still be achieved with a drop-in sink, however the exposed edges do put some homeowners off them.

Drop-in sinks are a budget-friendly option to undermounted sinks, as they are cheaper but don’t quite achieve the same edgeless and sleek look. They take up less space than undermounted sinks because there is little to no support needed underneath the sink itself (as it sits on a portion of the countertop).

The main drawback with drop-in sinks is that food and debris can build up around the edge of them, thus making them more difficult to keep clean. With the rim of the sink being visible on top of the countertop, drop-in sinks will not create a contemporary look.

Drop-In Granite Kitchen Sink

Use a drop-in granite kitchen sink to add a stylish element to your kitchen design.

Drop In Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

For those that are on a tighter budget, this drop-in stainless steel kitchen sink is a super minimal option that looks similar to an undermount sink.

Drop-In Fireclay Kitchen Sink

If you’re looking for a farmhouse inspired kitchen, this fireclay drop-in kitchen sink is the ideal choice!

3. Farmhouse Sinks


And lastly, the farmhouse sink! 

Farmhouse sinks are a much more traditional sink type as they are entirely visible from the front – they are not concealed within a cabinet. They are made out of extremely sturdy and durable materials, making them the perfect option for busy families.

Another advantage to farmhouse sinks is that they are often a lot deeper than other sinks, making cleaning and soaking much easier for large pots and cookware. This may be a drawback for some people though, who may find it more difficult to bend over and lean down into the sink to clean the dishes.

Aside from their generous sizing, farmhouse sinks are often available in many configurations, and bowl sizes.

Farmhouse sinks generally come with a high price tag. They are often made from strong materials that hike prices up, and this also means they need a good amount of support underneath them due to their weight.

Fireclay Curved Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

For a more traditional look, use this curved fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink to inject visual interest into the space.

Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Add a classic farmhouse kitchen sink to your space to add a durable and elegant look.

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Prefer a modern look? This stainless steel farmhouse style sink is ideal for injecting a practical and modern element to a kitchen.



If you’re looking for a super sleek and modern sink option, it is worth investing in a good quality undermount sink. There are some good budget friendly options out there, but may take some extra time finding ones with good reviews and long product warranties.

For those looking for a more traditional look, or aren’t interested in a sleek look to their kitchen, a farmhouse or drop-in sink are ideal.

It’s important to weigh up your budget and what is achievable within that, while also maintaining and sticking to your overall design style for the kitchen.

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