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Creating the home of your dreams, one room at a time.

Kids toys overtaking the house? Ready for a grown up space? How about a space that reflects you? I’m a Registered Interior Designer who has been helping families throughout Downers Grove and DuPage County Illinois to create the home of their dreams (and skillfully camouflaging toys and dog hair along the way). Good design doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. We work with all budgets and customize service packages for each family we work with! 

Mini Design Consultation

The mini design consultation is a one hour in-home or virtual meeting to help solve your home dilemma. The deliverables and the problem we’re solving for are centered all around you. After our meeting you will receive a full summary of what we discussed and the next steps. Mini Design Consultations have been extremely popular for homeowners who aren’t sure where to begin.


Extended Design Consultation

Sometimes a space just needs a small pick me up or something just isn’t right, that’s where we come in. An interior consultation includes a visit from one of our staff members where we talk through you space, expectations and goals and offer suggestions on how to improve the space to meet those goals.  The design consultation is a two-hour in-home or virtual meeting to help solve your home dilemma. This is a great opportunity to discuss more details about potential remodeling project or what your five-year plan should be for your home. The deliverables and the problem we’re solving for are centered all around you. After our meeting you will receive a full summary of what we discussed and the next steps.


Virtual Design Services

Virtual interior design services, or eDesign services, are a great way to get a room professionally pulled together. Virtual interior design services are perfect for our followers anywhere in the world. Once you book, we will send you detailed instructions for measuring your space and we uncover your style and needs. All our work is done remotely and at the end of the process, you will have a full room plan with a shopping list to pull together the space on your timeframe. 

$10/square foot

Full Service Interior Design
Each Interior Design package is customized to your unique needs. If you’re looking to update an area of your home, seeking a full remodel or building new, we’ll create the space of your dreams that actually works for your family. What’s typically included in a full-service design package? 

  • Furniture layout/space planning
  • Paint selections
  • Custom millwork design and drawings
  • Furniture selections
  • Finish selections (upholstery, flooring, ceiling, wall coverings, countertops)
  • Window treatment design
  • Lighting design
  • Finish Plans
  • Floor plans

What does Interior Design cost? We charge $150 per hour and provide an estimated number of hours to complete your project based on the project scope. You will know what the investment is before you begin. 

Projects takes several weeks to pull together. Before we start placing orders, there’s a lot of stop and go throughout the design process. Still not sure how much your design project will cost? 

Here’s an example: A living room usually takes 20-25 hours to complete. If we’re doing a built-in, then we would add about 5 more hours depending on the size and scope. That means that the living room design fee would be between $3,000 and $3,750. The furniture and anything needed to purchase for the space is additional, but that’s based on your purchasing comfort level and you have full budgetary control.

You’re not only getting a beautifully functional space, but we save our clients from costly mistakes and introduce you to cost-saving measures along the way. The majority of our clients have seen significant savings during the course of their project because we have creative ways of reducing the labor needed to execute the design, make appropriate design selections, and have negotiated pricing with our vendors. That’s a win for everyone! 


Paint Consultation 

Not sure how to tie the colors together in your home? We’ll select paint colors for your home and provide paint specifications. Need a painter? We can recommend someone. Need paint? We allow our clients to take advantage of our contractor pricing so you can get the right paint for your application and not break the bank doing it!

How does a Paint Consultation work and what does it cost? 

We’ll meet at your home to walk through the space so I’ll be able to see what we’re working with (existing flooring, lighting, furniture etc) and how you use the space. Then I’ll pull together a paint scheme for you. I will also recommend different types of paint depending on room usage (which finishes should be used for high traffic areas, wet conditions, and low usage areas). 

You’ll receive a packet that includes paint colors, paint finish (flat, eggshell, satin, gloss) and instructions on which walls the paint should be applied to. 

We charge a flat rate of $575 for homes under 5,000 square feet. 


Small Business Interior Consultation
Are you a small business owner and trying to grow your business and increase sales? Your space should help you sell and grow deeper into your customer database to grow profitability. We approach our commercial design projects with a strategic eye to ensure that the design supports your business goals and helps your small business be relevant to your ideal customer. This is a great solution for the company that likes to complete projects on their own, on their own timeline, and for interior environments that need small tweaks to make the vision become a reality and drive profitability.



Small Business Full Service Interior Design

Do you need your entire commercial space planned from the beginning? We also offer full-service interior design services for small businesses too. This service offering is perfect for small businesses that are leasing space and need a complete interior build-out. We plan your space to reflect your brand and attract clients while also adhering to local building codes, ADA guidelines, and fire regulations. Once we understand your goals, we will design a revenue-generating space. 


Home Staging
Innovatus Design offers home staging services to maximize profits and shorten the sales cycle when you’re trying to sell your home. Our expert team evaluates who the target buyer is and designs the space accordingly. We provide top tips that can be quickly implemented and don’t break the bank! 

We charge a flat rate of $1,200 for homes under 5,000 square feet.

Please contact us about other specialized services we offer:

  • Commercial Design
  • Architectural Partnership
  • Occupancy Planning
  • Facilities Design and Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Lighting Design and Consultation
  • Color Selection and Consultation
  • Furniture Selection and Specification
  • Project Coordination
  • Space Estimation

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