About Innovatus Design

At Innovatus Design, we are a client-centric interior design firm specializing in problem-solving and interior design. We level up our clients ‘ spaces while solving real design problems. We make an impact by improving function, making a space flow better, diving into the technical details of what’s needed, creating dynamic spaces, handling all the things that you don’t see, all the things you do, and of course making it look good in the process.
We make the interior design process fun and enjoyable, don’t bog our clients down with tons of forms, and like to meet people where they are. Our staff is flexible, agile, and creative in how we approach each relationship which means that your experience working with us is a positive one. Want proof? Much of our work comes from referrals and repeat business.
We regularly invest in new technologies and continued education for our staff to ensure that we’re at the top of our game so that we can serve our clients better than any other design firm around. Our founder, Heather Mastrangeli, is NCIDQ Certified and is passionate about continued education and growth in not only interior design, but other fields as well. This approach expands our staff’s worldview so we’re a better asset for our clients’ needs.

About Heather Mastrangeli

Heather Mastrangeli, always knowing she wanted to be an interior designer, completed her Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art in Interior Design in three short years from a prestigious CIDA-accredited program. She strategically completed her internship at the end of her bachelor’s degree hoping to land a full-time job in commercial interior design. It worked. She was hired full-time to design commercial spaces. Offices, hospitals, government buildings, schools, and more became her regular gig.
Once eligible, she sat for, and passed the NCIDQ Exam, earning her NCIDQ Certificate. With a thirst for knowledge, Heather constantly dove into additional avenues for learning more about design. Taking on lighting design projects, working in theatrical lighting design in her free time, and dipping her toe into retail design began to pave the way to a well-rounded career.

Innovation is fluid and always changing…