About Innovatus Design

Interior design should be accessible and available to everyone. I’ve always known I wanted to be an interior designer and created Innovatus Design to introduce the advantages of interior design to more people. Innovatus Design was born after spending many years as a commercial interior designer. I began by partnering with small businesses who didn’t use a designer in the past and the results were incredible. Their profits sky rocketed and they had to adjust their operating plans to meet the new demand in their area.

Eventually these business owners wanted to make their houses feel more like a home and asked me to help. Being passionate about design and having a good knowledge base for residential design (thanks to my Bachelors degree in Interior Design, my NCIDQ Certification and experience volunteering with various interior design organizations) I jumped in with both feet.

Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible people, making new friends and solving problems for families and small businesses in the area.

Innovatus Design is committed to creating a space that reflects the image that you are trying to portray to the world. We work hard so your environment works harder for you. A space that functions well and is relatable, is a space that will perform time after time.

We realize that an environment impacts the way a household operates and a business functions, it’s the first impression when a consumer walks through the door, company is invited over and talent comes in for an interview. As interior designers and strategic planners, we understand how architecture influences people when making decisions and use spaces efficiently.

Our interior design staff understands best practices in the industry and understands good design and architecture. Innovatus Design translates this knowledge to use interior design as a tool to help companies reach their business goals, increase reach in the community and redefine the industries they participate in.

Oh and Innovatus? Innovatus is the Latin word that innovation comes from. Through understanding the basic building blocks of innovation and historic innovations in our world, we see a pattern emerge. This pattern of getting too caught up in what the definition if innovation is and holding on to it for generations. Innovation is fluid and always changing, by recognizing that what makes an idea innovative will be different tomorrow, we can anticipate the need for thinking at the next level today and be proactive. We look forward to helping your space be the best it can be and using interior design as a strategic tool to create the home of your dreams and enhance engagement with everyone who interfaces with your organization.

Innovation is fluid and always changing…