Calling all Interior Designers: Get ready to…

Create hassle-free, dynamic lighting plans that elevate your design projects

That’s right – You can achieve expert illumination without complex calculations!

Lighting is my favorite part of design work!


You’ve got functional and beautiful design on lockdown until… you consider lighting your project.

Ugh! Even the most seasoned designers often shudder when reminded of the design school lighting curriculum – th ecalculations… the footcandle measurments… the endless combinations.

It can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and I’ll just say it – not fun.

But, you do understand the positive effect that well-designed lighting has on your work.  And, we all know that lighting can make or break even the most immaculate designs.

But again with — the calculations!

Instead – get the lighting right, every time, with this practical approach.

I promise, no calculations needed.

Lighting plans

Made Simple

Elevate your design with hassle-free, dynamic lighting plans.

Hi, I’m Heather!

I’m NCIDQ certified, have been an Interior Designer for over 17 years, and with a background in theatrical lighting, well – lighting has kind of become my jam.  After many years of working as a lighting designer and grading the NCIDQ Exam, I recognized a significant knowledge gap in lighting for interior designers.

My extensive lighting experience allows me to simplify this difficult task for you and provide a practical approach.  I created this course to help interior designers understand lighting basics and implement successful lighting plans without doing complex calculations.

Not only do I share basic technicalities you need to consider while designing, but I’ll show you how to evaluate the lighting needs room-by-room.

And the best part: Each module is bite-sized and chock-full of practical tips and tactical plans that you can put to use immediately. In fact, the entire cumulative length of this course is only 4 hours.

In just one afternoon, you could walk away with the knowledge and confidence to successfully light your next design project.

Check it out…


  • Immediate Access
  • 14 Lighting Modules
  • Over 4 Hours of Lessons
  • Exclusive Support

You just need to understand my practical lighting basics!

I can’t wait to add you to my list of success stories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for me?

This course was crafted for Interior designers at all stages of their design career, design enthusiast, or anyone who wants to better understand lighting an interior home space.  Anyone can benefit from this course.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final.

How can I remember everything you cover?

You’re in luck!  I include handouts throughout the course that you can keep handy for easy reference.

What if I still get stuck or have a question about something covered in the course?

I’m here for you!  Dedicated email support is available for your dilemma and I’m always happy to jump on a call, if needed.

I have an interior design degree – will I really learn something from this course?

Yes! Universities tend to focus on the complex side of lighting.  This course teaches you how to really light a space, using real words, real examples, and based onwhat you really experience in the field.

What if I have unique challenges or would like a lighting consultation with you?

I do offer consultations if you have questions or challenges that go beyond what is covered in the course.