There is one request that comes up time and time again from clients. And that is, “please make this room feel larger!” Or, “how can I make this room feel larger than it is?” It’s also a hot topic in my Interior Design Facebook Group!

It’s true – many homeowners want to make the most of the spaces they do have, but struggle to put ideas into reality in order to make them feel larger than they are. Over the years, I’ve picked up a trick or two that can help you to make your space feel larger!

Let’s explore the 5 ways you can make your space feel larger!

Use simple like this light-colored to ensure the ceiling isn’t busy! Layer lighting in the room to make it feel larger.


1. Lighter Colors


First up is lighter colors. Using light paint colors, like white and cream, can make a room feel instantly larger! If you are wanting to create a more open and bright space, light paint colors should be your go-to.

On the flip side, if a moody and cozy space is what you’re wanting to create then darker colors should be used. It’s really important to think about how you want to feel within a room and use colors to your advantage in order to help these feelings become a reality.

Using lighter-colored finishes in this bathroom makes the room feel much larger than it actually is! Use accent colors in small amounts and make sure they’re not too dark.


2. Large Patterns or Solids


This one may surprise you!

Large patterns and large solids help to make a space feel bigger. This is because smaller patterns look and feel tighter together, whereas larger patterns can help to open a space out and make it feel larger.

A similar approach is used for solids too – keep your area rug and large furniture upholstered in a light and plain fabric to make the room feel much larger!  

If you’re a fan of patterns, make sure to use large patterns to ensure your room feels larger! It’s also important to use large solids like area rugs and sofas to keep the room feeling light.


3. Minimal Accessories


The way you approach your home styling can have a big impact on whether a room feels small or not! Are you someone that likes to have every inch of surface styled? Or perhaps love large vases or plants? It might be time to rethink this for your smaller rooms.

If you have a small space that has a coffee table, bookcase or other surfaces where styling is required – keep it minimal! The less you can style your surfaces with, the larger your room will feel. Keep the styling minimal and simple, and don’t over do it.

Styling is important to make a house feel like a home, however when it comes to a smaller room keep the styling minimal and simple!


4. Mirrors

This is perfect for making any room feel larger because of the decorative mirrored frame!


This is an old trick that will never go out of style! Making your space feel larger with the use of a mirror is a timeless tip I regularly use for my client’s homes. 

Mirrors help to trick the eye and bounce more natural light around the room, making it feel much larger. Choose wall mirrors that have a decorative frame to them so they add to the overall design of the space and feel cohesive.

Use mirrors above a sofa, on a tight staircase or in a small bathroom!

Mirrors are a great way of making a room feel larger. They trick the eye and bounce more natural light around the room, making it feel much larger!


are fun to use in powder rooms and small bathrooms to make them feel larger! This one is stylish and cost-effective too.

5. Lighting


Lighting in any room of the home has a huge influence on how it feels. Low lighting makes a room feel more intimate and cozy, while brighter light can make a space feel larger and airy.

Using lighting to make your room feel larger involves a few layers of lighting. Firstly, the general ceiling lighting should be enough to illuminate the whole space, while accent lighting should help fill in any shadows. These could be table lamps, floor lamp,s or wall sconces to provide an extra layer of light. The combination of these lighting types can help to make a room feel larger.


What do you think of my top tips for making your space feel larger? I’d love to hear any further ideas or thoughts in the comments below!