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We love this wall-mounted magnetic board because it also doubles up as a chalkboard! This design also comes in White, Gray or Brown to suit your home’s interior.

It’s no secret that painting for toddlers and children is hugely important for their creative development. It also helps to stimulate their brain for other areas too. Getting messy with paints and brushes allows children to freely express themselves which is key for their development. But what happens to their pieces when they’re finished?

Do you find yourself forever clearing away artwork from your kids? And find that all their drawings and paintings often get put up on the fridge but you’re quickly running out of places to store or display them properly afterward? Do you have a drawer that you sneak them into once they’ve been replaced on the fridge door?

Finding ways to display artwork that your kids have produced, either at school or home, can be a challenge! Particularly if you have more than one child, the number of drawings and paintings produced can very quickly add up – we can totally relate to this. 

You can even find magnetic chalkboard paper which can be adhesively attached to the wall! This creates a huge expanse of space for your kids to display art or get creative with chalks.

So what if there was a more creative way of displaying the artwork your kids make? It’s so lovely to be able to showcase their ever-evolving pieces of art at all stages of their growing up. To be able to do this in a creative way throughout your home is key, and makes it even more enjoyable for all the family.

It’s hugely important to be able to quickly swap in and out new artwork that your kids produce, so by having a few areas designated for this will make it that much easier.

Luckily, we have collated our top 6 creative ways you can display kids’ artwork! Let’s take a closer look…


Magnetic Boards

The first way you can display kids’ artwork more creatively at home is on magnetic boards. We’re not talking about the typical whiteboard though – these modern magnetic boards come in extremely versatile designs that now look like normal picture frames.

With magnetic boards, you can also find really fun magnets to use that suit all the kids individually! Whether you like to collect them from vacations or your six-year-old is loving dinosaurs – there’s something for everyone.

We love this cork board because of the retro style white frame! You can fill these up with as many pieces of kids’ artwork as you can… This is perfect for future up-cycling too.

Aside from these points, learning about magnetics from an early age can be hugely beneficial. They can help kids learn about problem-solving and develop more creative skills (aside but in addition to all the drawings and paintings of course!) As they grow older, you can even start using these boards for teaching math. 



Corkboards are another great way to display kids’ artwork in a fun and creative way. What is great about them is that you can re-use them when they grow older and up-cycle them depending on color schemes and needs.

We love corkboards because they also make great bulletin boards for all the family, as they are easy to swap and change the content. This makes corkboards a good buy as it can be reused for many years.


Acrylic Wall Mounts

Acrylic wall mounts are a modern take on the traditional picture frame. Many come in multi-buy packs making it even easier for you to create a wall display for your children’s artwork. Plus, many designs are available with small magnets that keep paper between the acrylic sheets making it easier to add and remove pieces.

This acrylic picture frame is perfect for displaying kids’ artwork! It’s extremely stylish and modern with the frameless design – they appear to float on the wall. The small magnets make it really easy to switch in and out your child’s artwork. Plus they are available in a wide variety of sizes.

Large Photo Frames

Another creative way of displaying kids artwork is by using large photo frames. You can either use these traditionally or remove the glass front and replace it with cork so you can easily swap pieces around. By using photo frames, you can keep the wall displays looking consistent and to match your home’s interior. 

The great thing about this is that you can use old photo frames that you have lying around in the attic and up-cycle them to display your kids’ artwork more creatively!


Hanging Display Wires

We love using hanging display wires for displaying kids’ artwork! They are extremely fun and creative for all the family, that even the kids can enjoy swapping and changing their favorite pieces.

You can either buy ready-to-go sets that you can mount onto the wall, or you could make your own.




We love using rope or string to create a hanging display of children’s artwork. It’s really fun for the kids to enjoy and makes a highly creative display too! You can put these almost anywhere; the playroom, a kids’ bedroom, study perhaps, or even outside during the summer months.

Clipboard Art Displays

We love this framed hanging wall display because it adds something really creative for the kids to get involved with. Plus, it comes as a ready-to-go kit with all the clips and wires needed, so all you have to worry about is having your kids artwork ready!

You can create a wall display with clipboards hung on the wall. Group them together to create a cohesive look. By using clipboards this makes swapping pieces in and out super straightforward, and they’re really easy to clean too.



That rounds up our creative ideas for displaying kids’ artwork! How do you like to showcase your children’s best works of art? We would love to hear all about it in the comments below!