are ideal for storing seasonal accessories in your closet! These are available in different sizes and feature a handle for easy access.

Organizing storage cabinets and closets is a regular topic for my client meetings when nearing the completion of a project. While organizing isn’t necessarily part of traditional interior design service, there are a few tips and tricks I like to share with my clients so they can make the most of their finalized space!

Organizing your closet not only looks great, but it also helps you to see everything you have in a more efficient way. No more frantically trying to find an outfit or accessory you’ve mislaid! If everything has a place, it will be easier for you every single day.

So how can you organize your closet more efficiently?

I’m going to share my top 6 ways of organizing a closet within this blog post, but firstly you should allocate some time to declutter. Go through every item and decide whether to keep it or not. This is a great time to donate unwanted clothes and accessories to charity.

Let’s explore the 6 ways you can organize your closet!


1. Baskets

This set of storage baskets makes organizing your closet space even easier!


Storage baskets are a huge hit for any interior design lover! Not only do they look great for styling purposes, they are extremely helpful for storing unsightly possessions away.

In your closet space, use storage baskets to store hats, scarves, mittens and other smaller or seasonal accessories. If you use part of your closet for general storage, baskets are great for using for this too. 

Make sure to label your baskets too! This will help jog your memory when you need something.

Add baskets to your closet to store seasonal accessories! For a cohesive look, use the same style and color baskets throughout.


2. Shoe Racks

An adjustable shoe rack helps to organize shoes in any closet space. The tier design of this one is ideal for families sharing a coat closet or even a personal closet too!


Adjustable shoe racks are super practical for using in your closet space! At the bottom of the main hanging area, use a shoe rack to store your shoes. This will help to keep them visible to you when deciding which shoes to wear, and also keep them out of sight in other areas of the home.

For joint family or coat closets near the entry area of your home, use shoe racks as a way to differentiate between each family member. Perhaps each family member gets their own shelf! 

Shoe racks are every closet design must-have! Keeping shoes off the floor and stored away in a neat fashion will help to keep you and the closet space organized.


3. Slim-Line Hangers


These are perfect for condensing space in your closet! With these you can make room for more clothes!

One trick I love to use both in my own home and suggest to clients is slim-line hangers!

Regular hangers take up a huge amount of space in the closet. You may not realize this until you make the switch to slim-line ones! Avoid bulky wooden hangers as these take up the most space in closets. Slim-line hangers mean more space for clothes so less has to be folded. 

Keeping your hangers all the same color and type will also help to create a visually pleasing closet.


4. Different Heights and Lengths


The most effective closet space features different heights and lengths for hanging clothes. There should be multiple levels so all ages can help put things away.

For communal closets, lower-level hanging space can be used for kids and those who cannot reach high-hanging areas. However, for personal closets, multiple levels of hanging should be used to separate different pieces of clothing. 

Full-length hanging spaces should be provided for long pieces such as coats, dresses, and trousers. However smaller hanging spaces can be used for tops, trousers, and shorter jackets.

Make the most of your closet space by having multiple levels of hanging space. Baskets and integrated drawers are perfect for smaller items.


5. Lighting

Looking for some stylish slim hangers? We love these gray and rose-colored ones!


Lighting your closet is extremely important! Without proper lighting, you won’t be able to see all the garments stored. Good lighting ensures everything is visible.

Walk-in closets will benefit from a central ceiling light and supplementary puck lights within the shelves or hanging spaces themselves so they are lit well for choosing items.

If you have a closet that doesn’t lend itself to a ceiling light, you should consider spotlights or puck lights to illuminate everything. 


6. Hooks


No, this isn’t a Seinfield episode! Wall-mounted hooks are helpful for hanging smaller items, such as handbags or scarves that are more regularly used. You can either install hooks on the backs of the doors or within the hanging spaces themselves to add more hanging space.

Hooks are a great way to add color and personality into your closet space, so get creative!


So there you have it! Is there anything you would add to this list to help organize closet space more efficiently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!