Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had several clients talk to me about recliners. With the last three clients, the conversation has started the same way. The wife always says something like, “He would really love a recliner…” or “His only requirement is that we have a recliner in here…” or “He works so hard, and he’s really attached to having a recliner… it doesn’t have to be this one… but can you do something?”

Can you believe that this armchair is also a recliner?! There are lots of modern styles out there to suit all sorts of interior schemes. 

Of course I can do something! I can design the most beautiful space around a recliner. Take for example, the design consultation I had last week. This was a beautifully updated family room space. They wanted a recliner for comfort to watch TV, but didn’t want something ugly in the middle of their new space. I found a beautiful reclining sectional from Crate & Barrel for them! This is a beautiful piece of furniture that doesn’t look like a traditional recliner at all! It checks all the boxes without compromising on their newly designed room.

For another family, I selected twin reclining chairs in a beautiful custom upholstery to frame the windows of their living room. All their guests are shocked that the chairs recline!

And in case you’re thinking about recovering an old LaZBoy recliner – I recently ran a cost analysis for a client and while the fabric selections for reupholstery are dreamy – you can get a new one for about half the cost 😉

These recent client meetings have inspired this blog post in the hope to provide some helpful tips for others looking to add a recliner to their space! We’re going to take a closer look at the different options available and what you need to consider before purchasing one.



These recliners are available in powered and non-powered versions. We opted for non-powered for this family so we wouldn’t need to hide cords along the wall. We also chose a fabric that complements the rest of the interior scheme.

Different Recliner Options


This simple leather chair may not look like much initially, but can fully recline to an almost-flat position!

There are ton of different recliner options on the market! There are different furniture pieces that can come with a reclining option, and there are also a number of different reclining mechanisms to be aware of as well. It’s important to get a good understanding of these so you can make an informed decision as to which style and mechanism is right for you.

Reclining Furniture Options:

  1. The traditional recliner or LaZBoy recliner – a large armchair, available in many different styles to suit different interior schemes
  2. Sectional and other sofa options – these are sofas that now have reclining capabilities


You should consider these furniture options and choose which style will work well with the space you have and how you intend to use the room. Do you regularly have other people visiting? If so you may benefit from having a large sectional or a couple of sofas that have a reclining mechanism so you have space for guests but also have the benefits of reclining for your evening TV watching.


The Different Mechanisms:

We love this modern leather recliner! It also swivels making it practical for a contemporary style chair. 

  1. Traditional. The traditional recliner functions from a lever or button that releases the seat back into the down position and the footrest upwards. This style is better for larger rooms as the fully reclined position is quite large.
  2. Power Recliner. These recliners are more versatile as you can control how far back the chair reclines. It is operated from a similar lever or button as the traditional recliner but the user has more control.
  3. Rocker Mechanism. This is an old favorite for nursing mothers and adults with young kids. These chairs rock back and forth on arched tracks.
  4. Glider Recliner. Similar to the rocker recliners, but gliders move back and forth along a linear track.
  5. Push-Back Recliner. These recliners require the person to lean back in the chair and exert pressure on the back of the chair. As these recliners don’t have a lever or button, they often look more like normal armchairs.
  6. Swivel Recliner. These recliners are designed on a circular base. It allows you to rotate left and right while also reclining backward. These recliners offer the most range in terms of motion.
  7. Lift Recliner. A popular choice for the elderly as these recliners feature a lift mechanism that helps them to get out of the chair. The recliner lifts to a more upright angle which guides the person into a standing position.


It is important to consider the above mechanisms and decide which type will be best for you. This will help to narrow down your search.


Things to Watch Out For


This is the beautiful sectional reclining sofa I found for one of my clients! It’s perfect for more modern interiors and families.  

As with any new furniture for your home, there are some considerations you should take into account before diving headfirst…

Always check the power supply for the recliner. Is it powered? If so it will need access to a power outlet. Make sure the placement of the recliner is close to a power outlet or positioned so cables won’t be a trip hazard.

Other ways to run the cable safely include adding in a floor outlet. This requires some additional work and cost but creates a sleek look. Alternatively, run cords under rugs and using wire managers can help keep cables organized.

Always double-check the measurements of your new recliner. Not only the size of the chair or sofa, but also the space required when it’s fully extended or reclined. Watch out for walls or other pieces of furniture and make sure the recliner won’t collide with anything else in your room.

Similarly, make sure people can still move around the recliner when it is in the reclined position.


How to Make a Recliner Work In Your Space


If you prefer a more classic recliner look then this one is for you! With its neutral upholstery, it is great for incorporating into neutral interiors. 

Many homeowners shy away from recliners because they associate them with being large and unsightly. Perhaps a number of years ago this was the case but there are some fantastic fabric options and styles out there now! So rest assured – a recliner can still look like a beautiful piece of furniture if chosen correctly.

Look for unconventional recliner models that have a higher-end aesthetic. This will help make sure the recliner looks more premium and like any other piece of furniture that doesn’t recline.

Once you have selected a few furniture options for your recliner, make sure to order as many fabric samples as you can. This is the best way to decide on a fabric that will work well with your current space. Choose an upholstery fabric that will complement other furniture pieces and finishes in your room.

And lastly, accessorize with throw pillows or throw blankets to make your recliner feel more a part of the room.


So there you have it! A complete guide to choosing a recliner for your home! I hope this blog post has been useful for you… Are you considering a recliner for your living space? I’d love to hear all about it and your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section below!