Who knew a stylish adjustable desk would be available?! With a live edge, we love this adjustable desk!  

I don’t know about you but my husband and I have been working from home for nearly two years now. After some trial and error with setting up our own workspaces, we’ve finally got it sorted in a way that suits us both! While we’re lucky enough to have separate areas to work in, I know some spouses are sharing work from home setups.

This is where a tech-focused home office comes in! There are lots of different pieces of technology that have been designed to make your home office more comfortable and practical for the work you do.

In this blog post, I explore all these helpful pieces of technology so you can create a tech home office that benefits you too!



First up is the furniture. While working from home is the “new normal” for many of us now, getting out and about for some exercise is right at the bottom of the priority list! Or forgotten about completely. 

Sitting in an office chair for the majority of the day, five days a week can lead to physical health conditions, and general aches and pains if your desk setup isn’t right for you. 

Another great adjustable desk option is this simple white design! Also available in black and timber finishes.  

Taking all of this into consideration, it might be time to look into height-adjustable tables! These allow you to sit down and work like normal, or be stood up. There are some adjustable desks that come with small treadmills so you can be walking while working. Genius! 

In addition to the physical benefits of an adjustable desk, it’s also believed that they can increase productivity too! According to the Stand Up to Work study: 65% of people with these height-adjustable desks also reported better concentration, as well as increased productivity.

Next, you’ll need an ergonomic desk chair. While you may be tempted to choose a super stylish-looking chair for your home office, this isn’t the best route for your posture. Working at a desk all day for five days a week can have an impact on your posture if you’re not properly supported.

With an ergonomic desk chair, they ensure your spine is positioned correctly to avoid any back pain and supports your wrists too.

Having an adjustable desk allows you to stretch and stand while you work. For sitting, an ergonomic desk chair is recommended to maintain a good posture!


Computer Specific

This dual adjustable monitor arm is perfect for anyone who works from two computer screens! 


Aside from the home office furniture pieces, there are some computer-specific accessories that can improve your home office space.

The first is adjustable monitor arms! These are similar to tilting television frames or brackets but can be fixed to the desk itself to provide flexibility for computer screens. If you switch from very detailed-oriented work to more standard tasks, bringing your computer screen forward and then pushing it back could be extremely helpful for you! 

Aside from this, it also frees up valuable desk space to create a clutter-free surface. You can even purchase dual monitor arms if you work from two screens.

Another helpful addition for your home office is a good quality webcam. With meetings taking place via Zoom or Teams, it’s a good idea to invest in a webcam.

Set up your home office space for success with helpful pieces of technology like an adjustable desk, adjustable monitor arms, and laptop stands!


Additional Items

A personal favorite is an LED desk lamp with charging ports! This one features 10 brightness levels and 5 different light modes so you can customize the lighting levels.  


By now you may be wondering what else you could need in a home office space, let alone a technology-heavy one. 

One thing that is highly recommended for any desk worker is a desk lamp! With days getting shorter during the winter months, having a desk lamp to illuminate your workspace makes all the difference. It helps you to focus during the shorter days.

I love recommending desk lamps for clients that feature a USB charging port! Anything that has two uses is a win-win in my book because of its double functionality.


What do you think of these technology pieces for your home office space? Is there anything you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!