Benefits of a Well-Organized Closet


You may be familiar with the phrase, “clean space, clear mind”. There is so much truth to this because having a clean and tidy environment can contribute to a calmer mind and less stress. Especially with the chaos and everyday stresses that we all endure, having a well organized home can help to give you a sense of control and order.

Today we’re going to focus on the closet. It may seem like a totally mundane space where you can chuck every piece of clothing into and deal with later. But having a well organized closet makes getting ready each day a total breeze. Imagine being able to go straight to the area of your closet that you need, and choose something quickly because of how well organized it is! 

Here at Innovatus Design we are all for anything that makes our client’s lives easier. We recently took on a closet organization line that allows us to design custom closet spaces to suit our client’s needs! Today we’re going to share with you our top tips and design ideas to consider when redesigning or reorganizing a closet space.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of a well-organized closet and discuss some organizational ideas that you can implement at home!

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Streamline Your Mornings

Possibly the most obvious, yet overlooked benefit of a well-organized closet, is how it can streamline your mornings. When every piece of clothing has a home in your closet you can easily find what you need without the stress and hassle of wading through piles of clothes.

This therefore saves you time each morning when getting ready, and reduces stress if you’re running late. Have you ever been running late for work but your closet is a mess and the chaos increases your stress and anxiety about being late? Having a well-organized closet stops this from happening.

You Can See Everything!

When your closet is well-organized, you can easily see every piece of clothing you have. Again, this reduces stress every morning and means you can make the most of what you have.

Everything in your closet should have a home. From underwear to pants, suits and jackets – it all needs to have a place in order to benefit from having a well-organized closet. Once every piece of clothing has its place, it will be easy to keep things organized and have those stress-free mornings!

Drawers or Hanging?

Similarly to the kitchen cabinet debate of drawers versus cabinets, there’s always a question over drawers or hanging space in our closets! While this is largely personal preference, the space you have available may dictate how much drawer storage you have.

If you find yourself short on drawer space, make sure you have a mixture of short and long hanging space so that tops and jumpers can be hung up and drawer space is saved for underwear, pajamas and accessories.

Hanging space in closets is particularly useful for pants, jackets, coats, tops, and jumpers! By having most of your clothes hung up you can easily see everything you have to choose from each morning.

To keep your drawers well organized, use drawer dividers and small fabric or felt bins to group items together. This is extremely helpful for keeping underwear well organized and easy to see.

Shelving and Other Storage Options

Drawers and hanging space are the main two types of storage for clothing in a closet, but there are some extra ways of keeping the space tidy too.

We love to include shelves in our closet designs for clients so that shoes, handbags, and storage baskets can be neatly arranged. This also helps you to see what options you have for these items, and can be helpful in keeping seasonal accessories organized and separate from your main collection of clothing.

Here are some of our favorite organization finds, (Affiliate links below.)

Hanging Closet Organizer

This hanging closet organizer instantly adds extra storage for small accessories.

Drawer Dividers

Use drawer dividers to organize underwear drawers to keep smaller items structured.

Fabric Drawer Organizers

Another way of organizing drawers is with this set of fabric drawer boxes!

Coiled Top Basket

A rope basket like this one is great for storing your seasonal accessories on shelving within your closet.

Custom Closets – Not Just for Walk-In Closets!


There was a time when only custom closets were accessible for those with large walk-in closet spaces. But not any more! 

We are able to design custom closet layouts for both walk-in closet spaces, AND reach-in-closets! So even if your closet is a simple double door within a bedroom space, we can assist you in making the most of the space available with a reach-in-closet system.

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