Interior design styles are a great way of guiding us in the right direction to create a home we love. It can be difficult to determine which interior design style matches our personality, which is why I have created an online Quiz to help you! 

A very popular interior design style right now is Coastal Interiors. But what are they? What characteristics should be included in this style, and what makes it so sought after?

I aim to answer all of these questions in this article! I love Coastal Interiors because they are light, airy, and welcoming for everyone.

Did you know that the coastal interior style originated from the Atlantic coast? The Hamptons had a huge influence and now the style has swept across the whole of the states. It’s a classic interior design style where the basics remain the same so you can make it your own!

Sherwin Williams Forever Green paint color

What are Coastal Interiors?


The coastal interior design style takes inspiration from the warmer states like Florida, and also from the Hamptons and Greece. Think of the colors and textures of Santorini and you’re halfway there. This design style emphasizes lighter tones, primarily focusing on blues, beiges, and whites, to show spaces inspired by beautiful oceanic landscapes.

These lighter tones are supplemented and grounded by lots of texture through natural materials. Rattan and sisal are popular natural textures that feature in coastal interiors to inject warmth into the design. Oak is another popular material that is used is weathered wood. 

You will also find lots of linen fabric used, stripes featured on decorative pillows, and seaside-inspired accessories.

Above all, coastal interiors are simple, clean, and not fussy. All the while being super stylish and sophisticated too.


Let’s explore how you can create a Coastal Interior in your home!

Coastal Interior Paint Color Schemes


You can easily create a coastal paint color scheme by using a few key principles. Firstly, start with a light cream or white paint color (this is great for using on trims and woodwork), then add in some soft shades of blue, and finally a deep blue paint color.

This process of creating a paint color scheme for coastal interiors can be used for creating others too! And from this paint color scheme, you can use the blue colors for accent or feature walls, in accessories, while the lighter tones are great for upholstery and trims.

Here are two great Coastal Interior Design Paint Color Schemes:

Light Coastal Paint Color Palette

Do you love light and airy interiors? This lighter paint color palette is perfect! Use Sherwin Williams Dress Blues for an accent wall or key accessories, while the other lighter tones can supplement this.

Paint Colors, From Left to Right:

Sherwin Williams Extra White SW 7006

Sherwin Williams Moonmist SW 9144

Sherwin Williams Azure Tide SW 9684

Sherwin Williams Dress Blues SW 9176

Deep Coastal Paint Color Palette

If you prefer to keep color palettes more muted, yet still leaning towards a coastal vibe, then this deep paint color palette is ideal.

Paint Colors, From Left to Right:

Sherwin Williams Ice Cube SW 6252

Sherwin Williams Lakeside SW 9683

Sherwin Williams Smoky Azurite SW 9148

Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh SW 9179

Coastal Inspired Furniture


The furniture used in Coastal Interiors are typically light in upholstery and made from natural wood, like oak or rattan. They may be upholstered in cotton or linen to add a lightly textured effect to the space. 

To keep spaces feeling open and light, choose a light fabric for larger upholstery items (like sofas or sectionals), and introduce colors or patterns to armchairs or smaller items.

Add extra seating to your living room or family room through the use of ottomans or poufs. These are great pieces to introduce rustic textures, like seagrass or rattan.

Scandinavian Design

Accent Chair

We love this wooden accent chair because the light linen upholstery brings light to any space, while the wood frame is a classic Coastal interior finish.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Rattan Coffee Table

Bring some texture and a natural material to your living or family room with this rattan coffee table!

Scandinavian Design

Seagrass Ottoman Pouf

Add additional seating to your living room with this seagrass ottoman pouf! Ideal for inject more texture into the space too.

Scandinavian Design

Cane Rattan Counter Stool

Embrace the natural materials of Coastal interiors with this curved back cane rattan counter stool! Perfect for adding texture to a kitchen.

Coastal Inspired Decorative Accessories


Decorative accessories are where you can inject some of your personality into your home. What are your interests? Hobbies or favorite activity to do at the weekend? These can help you to choose the right pieces to display in your spaces.

For coastal interiors – there will be no surprise here! – accessories are chosen with beaches and coastal landscapes in mind. Think natural branches of grapewood, nautical sculptures, and shells.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Nautical Boat Sculpture

Add a wooden boat sculpture to your home to add a nautical feel to the space.

Scandinavian Design

Buoy Sculpture Set

These buoy sculptures are great for adding some color and texture to any home decorative display!

Scandinavian Design

Natural Grapewood Branch

An absolute must for any coastal interior is a piece of natural grapewood. Great for using on coffee tables or bookcases.

Scandinavian Design

Decorative Shell Sculptures

These shell sculptures are a fun way of adding a coastal vibe to any room. Use on bookcases to diversify the space!

Coastal Inspired Decorative Pillows


Decorative pillows are a great way of finishing off a living room, family room, or bedroom design! 

In coastal interiors, focus on using different shades of blue, and stripes! Don’t be afraid to mix shades of blue as this will create a sophisticated interior. If you’d prefer not to use a pattern like stripes, you can opt for textured neutral pillows instead! Linen and cotton are great for this.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Classic Wide Stripe Decorative Pillow

We love this classic wide stripe decorative pillow! Great for pairing with other shades of blue or neutral colored pillows.

Scandinavian Design

Stripe Textured Decorative Pillow

This stripe textured decorative pillow is great for using throughout the home!

Scandinavian Design

Light Blue Linen Decorative Pillow

Linen is a classic natural fabric that works extremely well in coastal interiors! This decorative pillow is perfect for adding the fabric into your home.

Scandinavian Design

Stripe Decorative Pillow

This rustic textured stripe pillow would make a beautiful addition to any coastal inspired home! Use to style linen upholstery.

So there you have it! The full run down of Coastal Interiors, and how you can create a coastal inspired home too. 

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