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Color of the Month | Benjamin Moore Indian White

This month’s color of the month is Benjamin Moore Indian White (OC-88). Color trends these days are erring away from grays and into taupes. Light and bright walls are on trend, and Benjamin Moore Indian White is a great neutral that will work with a variety of interiors as we head into the beige and taupe trend! Pair this neutral color with almost any other color for a well balanced and energetic space.

Pairs Well With…

Sherwin Williams Dutch Tile Blue (SW0031) and Henna Shade (SW6326).

We love how this creamy white pairs with most colors. If you want to create a fresh and crisp interior, then pair Benjamin Moore Indian White with Sherwin Willams Dutch Tile Blue (SW0031). Tones of blue create peaceful and tranquil interiors – perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms!

If you’re seeking a warm and intimate interior scheme, then use Sherwin Williams Henna Shade (SW6326). The blend of red and pink within this color brings warmth and energy to spaces. This works well for living rooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms.

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How to use this color in your home…

Benjamin Moore Indian White or Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (similar color) is perfect for an allover wall paint. This light and neutral color will serve well as a backdrop to a space. The lightness of the color will also help to reflect light! Making this color perfect for smaller or naturally darker spaces.

Alternatively it’s really straight forward to incorporate Benjamin Moore Indian White into your interiors through accessories, curtains and rugs. As the color is such a brilliant neutral it is fantastic to use as a base and then add more bold colors if you wish.

Create a relaxing and stress free space with Benjamin Moore Indian White! As we have shown above, Benjamin Moore Indian White works brilliantly with other muted tones making it a great color to create tranquil spaces with. Think bedrooms and bathrooms! 

Our Favorite Accessories:

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Velvet Decorative Pillow

Adding some decorative pillows to your space is an easy way to use this color of the month in your home. Look for pillows that have interesting details or patterns so they’re not just plain colors!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Faux Fur Throw

Neutrally colored throws are every households must have! Perfect for those wintery evenings when you need some added warmth. The great thing about this one is that the neutral color will go with all other colors already in the space!

Scandinavian Design

Throw Pillow Covers

Adding neutral color to your interiors doesn’t need to be boring… Opt for textures and patterns to add interest instead!

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