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Color of the Month | Sherwin Williams Powder Blue

Happy New Year! With a new Year brings a new color of the month, and a new focus for the year ahead. I wanted to feature a calming, yet prominent color this month. Sherwin Williams Powder Blue (SW 2863) is perfect for this! This color can last for many years if used correctly. This Sherwin Williams Powder Blue paint color is fantastic for bringing neutral spaces to life with a colorful statement! Pair this with neutral colors to create a feature wall, use in home accessories or use with other bold colors.

Let’s explore this beautiful Powder Blue paint color!

Pairs Well With…

Sherwin Williams Origami White (SW 7636) and Sherwin Williams Peppercorn (SW 7674).

We love how this muted Powder Blue paint color pairs well with equally bold colors, like Sherwin Williams Peppercorn (SW 7674). The combination brings warmth and makes the blue pop! These paint colors work particularly well for bedrooms and living areas! Or why not introduce these colors into a bathroom or powder room to create something unexpected?

If you’re after a fresh and crisp interior, then pair Sherwin Williams Powder Blue with Sherwin Williams Origami White (SW 7636).

While Sherwin Williams Origami White is a light and neutral paint color, there is a warmth to it that will balance the Powder Blue perfectly. The blue of Sherwin Williams Powder Blue helps to create a calm atmosphere and provides a good feature color to work with – perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms! You could also use this color combination for living rooms and dining rooms. These are both fun colors to work into sophisticated kids’ bedrooms too!

Sherwin Williams Champagne

How to use Sherwin Williams Powder Blue in your home…

Sherwin Williams Powder Blue is the perfect paint color to use if you’re looking for a calming feature wall or colorful all-over wall paint. The warmth of this color serves well when used as a feature wall color or as pops of color through decorative accessories to lead your eye around the space. This color also works extremely well in both light and dark rooms – watch the color come to life in sunny rooms while a more intimate interior can be achieved in naturally darker rooms.

If bold paint colors aren’t for you, it’s really easy to incorporate Sherwin Williams Powder Blue into your interior design through accessories, curtains, and rugs. As the color is a muted tone, it is fantastic to use as the main focal color to otherwise neutral spaces. Pair with a charcoal gray (like Sherwin Williams Peppercorn above) to create a truly gorgeous interior design scheme.

Sherwin Williams Powder Blue is of course a classic blue color that reminds many of us of the seascapes found across the world, reminding us that warmer and brighter months are coming. It is a great color to blend into your interiors throughout the year – it’s a calming yet energetic one that will never go out of style.

Our Favorite Accessories:

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Scandinavian Design

Duvet Cover Set

Add this month’s color to your bedroom through fresh bed linen! Pair with other shades of blue to finish off the look.

Scandinavian Design

Diamond Pattern Area Rug

You can easily add this month’s color to your home through this beautiful area rug! Pair with neutral pillows, throw and curtains to complete the look.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Artwork (Set of 2)

Artwork is a great way to introduce color into your home! Featuring shades of blue and neutrals, this set is perfect for using throughout the home.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Velvet Curtains

No living room or bedroom is complete without a colored set of curtains! Add a hint of luxury with velvet ones too.

Scandinavian Design

Cashmere Throw Blanket

A fringed throw blanket is ideal for using in living rooms and bedrooms to add a soft touch of luxury.

Scandinavian Design

Organic Bath Towel Bundle

Add a hint of this month’s color to your bathroom through colored towels! These are made from organic cotton making them luxuriously soft.

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