Pets quickly become a huge part of anyone’s life and subsequently within the home too. It’s really important for us pet owners to invest in their wellbeing and happiness as they have a large impact on our overall happiness too.

Purchasing a large area rug for wooden flooring areas of your home can help to not only protect the floor from damage, but also help protect your pets from slipping and scratching the floor. 

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at how we can create a pet friendly home that supports a happy balance between us and our cherished four-legged friends. We will first look at some general areas before going into more pet type specific points towards the end.

In addition to the points shared below, always ensure your garbage is covered and food is kept out of reach from your pets! The last thing you need after a day at work is finding the contents of your trash can across the kitchen floor or food wrappers everywhere… Sometimes it can be helpful to think about pet-proofing your home in a similar way to child-proofing.

Let’s take a look at how you can create a pet-friendly home!


Flooring is a big consideration to make when creating a pet-friendly home. You will likely benefit hugely from having wooden or tiled flooring in the main living areas if you have particularly energetic dogs! 

We recommend that you avoid carpet if you can, or keep it within areas that your pets are less likely to spend the majority of their time in (bedrooms in particular). Carpet harbors a lot of hair and bacteria which can contribute to allergies at home. Check out our recent blog post on Flooring Options for Allergy Sufferers.

Giving your pet their own designated area with a soft and cozy bed helps to relax them and settle for the night. We love this one because of its anxiety-reducing properties! 

Updating your flooring throughout may not be an option on a budget, so purchasing large area rugs may be a better option. Area rugs will help to protect your flooring, especially if you have wood floors, they help your dogs from slipping and scratching the floor. Stay away from loop construction rugs that could catch their nails.

It is definitely worth investing in a good vacuum cleaner that is suitable for all floor types so you can keep any stray hairs off your flooring regularly.


If your pets are allowed on furniture, it is worth considering matching the furniture color to that of your pet. This helps to keep your furniture not looking as though there is a pet at home as any stray hairs won’t be as noticeable.

It’s important to avoid white or light-colored upholstery to your furniture too (unless this is the color of your pet!). This will very quickly show up marks and dirt which will prove to be difficult to keep fresh and clean. Leather is a great choice because it’s extremely durable, doesn’t absorb odor, and can be cleaned very easily. Just be sure to keep dog and cat nails tidy to help minimize ripping and tearing. 

Alternatively using washable covers on your upholstered furniture such as sofas and armchairs, will help to protect your furniture if your pets regularly sit with you. Washable covers are easy and quick to keep clean as needed.

Make sure to cover your upholstered furniture when lounging with your pets. These covers will help to protect your furniture and keep any stray hair contained.

A Pet Area

It is really helpful for pets to get into the habit of knowing where their toys are kept. There’s nothing better than having a small basket purely for their toys so they can pick out their favorites throughout the day! 

It’s important to designate a space just for your pet. Whether that’s a cat or dog, it’s important that they have their own area to relax. This doesn’t need to be as extravagant as their own room – just an area for their bed and even a box of their toys is a great way to integrate them into your home.

In the kitchen or mudroom, make sure to have somewhere for their food and water bowls. These should be somewhere they can easily access, but that you won’t trip over.

Additionally, allocating a cupboard or a few shelves within the kitchen or entryway for dog’s leads, bags and towels can help to keep all of their bits organized and close-by for when you need them.

Wash Station

Another aspect to consider when creating a pet-friendly home is where you can easily wash your pet down. As a pet owner, I know first hand how muddy or wet they can become after just one walk! Having a dog wash station is really helpful for these ad hoc situations and DIY bathing.

Scratch posts are essential for cats. Make sure you have plenty to hand so you can protect your furniture. 

Cat Specific

Cats require slightly different thinking to ensure the home is pet friendly for them. As they are prone to scratching and climbing it’s crucial to give them a dedicated place to scratch their claws so they don’t end up scratching your furniture! This could be a few items dotted around the house so they have somewhere to play wherever you go.


We hope you have found this blog post to be informative and insightful into how you can successfully create a pet-friendly home! How have you created a pet-friendly home? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!