I talk a lot about the importance of lighting the interiors of our homes, but it’s time to shine a light (pun intended) on the outdoors today! The warm summer weather is in full swing, and many of us are making the most of it by spending time outdoors. From relaxing in the sun to playing with the kids, the summer is such a warming and joyous time for everyone to enjoy. 

We love this glass wall sconce! It brings a modern touch to industrial design which is ideal for many exterior lighting schemes.

Some of my favorite things to do during the summer are spend time on the porch watching our kids play out front, enjoy a pizza night with friends and family, and chatting late into the evening.

One aspect of enjoying time outdoors during the summer months is having good lighting for when the sun goes down. Exterior lighting is not only important for enjoying during the summer, but it’s also important for your overall security.

But which lighting fixtures are appropriate for each exterior area? And how can you create the best exterior lighting scheme for your outdoor space? 

I explore all of this, and share my top tips on using exterior lighting successfully in this blog post!


Lighting your home’s exterior is super important for security! Plus, if you arrive home when it’s dark, it’s always nicer to have a well-lit exterior to guide you indoors.



Porch Lighting

This ribbed glass flush mount is the ideal fixture for a modern porch area! It adds a good amount of illumination to any outdoor area.


First up, let’s talk about porch lighting!

As your porch is the first area you step foot on, before heading indoors, it’s important to light this area sufficiently. If you frequently sit out on your porch during the evening, you’ll know that lighting is important, however from a safety point of view, it’s always a good idea to have some motion-sensored lights here for the winter too.

I love using wall sconces for lighting the porch area. They add to the overall design of the home’s exterior while providing a good amount of lighting to the space. Sconces are particularly useful for small porches where the ceiling space is limited.

If you do have some ceiling area on your porch, it’s a good idea to consider adding some ceiling lights too. The combination of a ceiling light and wall sconces will mean that the space can be well-lit.

For larger covered areas, add an outdoor ceiling fan so you can create a breeze! Plus, most ceiling fans have the option to add a lighting kit which can further add to the porch lighting.


This porch has a fair sized ceiling, so a ceiling fan was used! The wall sconce has been cleverly positioned next to the front door to ensure the area is illuminated.


Patio Lighting

String lights are ideal for patio areas because they create an intimate atmosphere! We love these simple yet effective string lights.


For a patio area, the lighting setup will be slightly different. Wall sconces may be applicable if you have an exterior wall close to your seating area, but more often than not, you will need to get creative to light your patio.

String lights are a great way of adding some lighting to your patio in one hit. They create a cozy and intimate feel which is perfect for late summer nights.

If string lights aren’t your thing, why not try some recessed floor lights instead? These are installed into your decking or patio floor to create a glow facing upwards from the surface.

Supplement the above with small light posts or solar lights in grass areas to help illuminate the exterior further. 


Path Lighting

Guide your guests (and yourself!) to the front door and other exterior areas with these black pathway lights! Perfect for using on the edges of grass or flowering areas.


Don’t forget to light the pathways around the exterior of your house! Ensuring that most outdoor spaces, including smaller walkways, are well-lit can increase your security and feeling of safety.

For lighting your paths, you can either use surface-mounted lights (or recessed ones) to illuminate a path or posts that are installed into the edges of any grass. The best route for you will depend on how your path is constructed – with pavers, and stone – or whether there are any grass areas also creating the pathway that can be used to add exterior lights.


Adding lighting to your pathways doesn’t need to be complicated. Stick to one type and run with it! In this example, the homeowners have installed solar-powered lights in the grass edges.



I hope this blog post has provided you with some inspiration on which types of lighting are best for each outdoor area! Have you installed exterior lighting to your home? I’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments below!