Fall is really starting to take hold for us here in Chicagoland. The leaves will be changing and the colors of fall will be everywhere you look! I love how beautiful the landscape becomes during this season!  

The key to decorating your home for fall is starting with the outside display. We love this fall-inspired wreath for the front door! The colors of the foliage are so vibrant that it will definitely tie your other external decorations together to create a cohesive look.

While the leaves begin to change, the trends in interior design start to shift from light and bright colors to more earthy and rich ones. This is a great time to start preparing the house for the fall season and even let the kids help! 

So how do we go about this key change in seasons in interior design?

Let’s take a closer look at different ways you can start making this seasonal shift at home!

External Decorations

One of the main areas to get really creative with is the external decorations. Whether you have a large or small porch area at the entrance to your home there are lots of different ways you can decorate the front for the fall celebrations coming up.

Start by adding a decorative front door wreath that includes pinecones, acorns, small pumpkins, and dried leaves. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also add a warm and inviting element to your front porch. If your wreath will be hanging on your door with a glass door in front, then just double check that it won’t get smashed in between the two doors. Many wreaths are available in different sizes and for varying budgets so there is something to suit everyone!

Add fall-themed bunting to your outside porch or bring inside to the dining room for Thanksgiving celebrations!

Aside from the wreath, especially during October and November, pumpkins are a popular choice, especially for families. Pumpkins are great fun for the kids and provide a creative weekend activity for them when the weather isn’t so great outside.

Hay bales are also a wonderful way to create different levels in your decorating scheme and are inexpensive. They take up lots of space which can be valuable if your space is large.

Dried corn stalks also hint at fall and are great when paired with scarecrows for a fun look. They can also take on a higher level of sophistication if paired with white pumpkins and LED indoor/outdoor lanterns.

What is great about the fall is that many Thanksgiving decorations can be put out from late September / early October and they will see you through to the end of November. Many of them overlap with Halloween which is helpful if you’re on a tight budget and make accessorizing for the fall easier. Along with pumpkins, you can find many external decorations that feature corn and bales of hay which you can use to create much larger external displays.

If you’re keen to create a display outside on your porch but tight on budget – keep it simple! A front door wreath with a few pumpkins and lanterns are all you really need to create a fall-inspired entrance.

fall decor ideas

We love how this front porch has been created! It’s simple yet super elegant for a small entrance space like this, proving that sometimes less is more!

Internal Decorations

How gorgeous are these knitted pumpkins? We love adding these to various areas of the house and pairing them with other seasonal decorative accessories.

Alongside having a grand display of fall decorations it’s fun and uplifting to have these decorations run through the inside of your home too.

Consider areas where you have decorative vases already – console, coffee, and dining tables perhaps – and look at adding some fall-inspired accessories to go with them. Having some faux foliage of changing leaves can be helpful to swap any summer faux flowers with. 

As a knitter, I also LOVE knitted fall pumpkins because they add warmth from the texture while providing a lovely visual to decorative areas. Pair with a glass vase to create a contrast between the materials.

The key to creating a visually attractive display internally is to think about how you can layer both large and small pieces together. For example, you may have a large vase with faux foliage, with a medium-size lantern in front followed by small knitted pumpkins.

Swap any summer faux flowers with colorful faux foliage instead to bring the outside in.

Ideas for Simplicity

We love this yellow throw with the pompom fringe! How cozy would this be for curling up on the sofa with? Perfect for the transitional season of fall.

If you prefer to keep seasonal changes to a minimum at home – fear not! There are some simple yet effective ways you can do this too. Many times subtle changes are all that are needed to get the home ready for the holidays! 

It could be as simple as swapping out your main decorative pillows and throws for more fall colors. These include burnt orange, yellow, deep forest green, and earthy tones like deep tan and even brown. Now is also a good time to swap any thin throws for thick, chunky knit ones as we prepare for much colder weather.

Throw pillows are another great way to bring the holiday season in. If you don’t want to be over the top, then simple plaids, ginghams, and knitted pillows look great. We love mixing different colors and sizes together to create an inviting sofa.

Decorative accessories are another easy way to show a hint of fall within the home. Think about bringing those external decorative ideas inside and on a smaller scale. Don’t overlook acorns, pumpkins, and corn. These don’t need to be massive or highly expensive to be effective inside. Simple solutions include switching out some summer infusers for fall-scented ones with hints of cinnamon and spice. This will help to change the overall atmosphere to be more in line with fall. 


We love the vibrancy of these faux berries! Perfect for adding into vases to create a warming atmosphere for fall.

We hope this blog post has provided you with some inspiration and ideas as to how you can decorate your home – inside and out! – ready for fall. How do you like to decorate for fall? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!