This chunky knit throw blanket is ideal for draping over furniture to add texture to a space! Mixing different textures is a sure way of creating a cozy space.

Over the years of working as an interior designer, I’ve had a fair amount of requests from clients. While all of these requests have varied greatly, there is a common thread among them and similarities with members of my Interior Design Facebook Group.

The subject is all about how to create a cozy space at home. Whether it be a living room, bedroom, cinema room or for the home to generally “feel more cozy and inviting”, the principles are still the same.

By definition a “cozy space” means, “a house or room that is comfortable and warm”. While “cozy” on its own means, “giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation”.

I believe we all want to make our homes feel cozy. Especially those who entertain often or have regular guests at home. Creating a home that is inviting, comfortable and warm for everyone who walks through the front doors is part and parcel of being a homeowner.

So how do we create a cozy space? Or indeed, a cozy home, for that matter? There are a few options to consider, and while this blog post contains many ideas, you can easily create a cozy space using two or three of these thoughts.

Mix different textures like linen, cotton, velvet, and wool! These linen pillows are perfect for mixing into a living room or bedroom styling.




One of the easiest ways to make any space feel cozier is by adding different textures. 

Cozy, thick throw blankets are great for adding texture to spaces and can be used to dress a wide range of furniture. Accent chairs, sofas, and even ottomans!

Introduce different textures through a variety of decorative pillows in a space too. You could use a combination of linen, cotton, and wool. And don’t forget to add area rugs to your home too! These help to define key areas while providing a soft surface underfoot, and extra texture to the overall look and feel of the room.


Mix different textures in your space to create a warm and inviting setup! Don’t be afraid to mix textures through throw blankets, decorative pillows, and your furniture – create a contrast with textures.

Soft furnishings like curtains, help to create a cozy and warm home. We love these soft cotton velvet curtains! In the perfect ocean blue to soothe and provide comfort.


A Comforting Color Palette


Another important way of creating a cozy space is by using a comforting color palette! Not only do colors play a key role in how we feel within a space because of color psychology, but some also have the power to comfort us and make us feel cozy.

The main colors that help us to feel comforted and cozy are shades of blue and green. Choose soft, muted hues of these colors to provide a soft and relaxing atmosphere.


Soft Furnishings


Similar to using texture in your home, soft furnishings shouldn’t be overlooked! A home without soft furnishings can feel unfinished and hostile.

Use table lamps that have textured bases – like this one! – to add to your overall look and feel of a space. The soft light from the lamp will create a cozy atmosphere.

Make sure to add an area rug, decorative pillows, and throw blankets to the main living areas of the home. Supplement this further with window treatments, like roman blinds or curtains.

Soft furnishings help to alleviate the sterile and cold feeling of spaces. They are particularly important in large and modern spaces. 


Lighting and Candles


This blog post wouldn’t be complete without a section dedicated to how lighting can contribute to creating a cozy space.

It’s true though – lighting has the ability to influence how you feel in the home – just like the paint on the walls can.

Aside from using a variety of lighting types in your home, the most important type for creating a cozy home is accent lighting. That is fixtures that add to the general lighting to provide lower level or dimmer light. Floor and table lamps are great for use as accent lighting, while wall sconces can be included in this category too.

We love using candles to enhance a decorative styling setup. This cashmere and jasmine candle will look fantastic in any space! While also adding a refreshing scent.

In addition to your main lighting, having candles dotted around your home as part of your decor also helps to create a cozy atmosphere (so long as they’re lit of course!) So add some candles to your spaces to create a cozy and fresh-smelling home!


The combination of a calming color palette and accent lighting creates a soft atmosphere that feels cozy and warm.


Simply add a solid wood drum side table to your living room or family room to bring some warmth and coziness in!

Elements of Wood


Using wood in your home can increase the feeling of coziness. This is because of the warmth wood adds to spaces. The natural, organic form of the material brings comfort to a space.

Introduce wood into your home through side tables, coffee tables, sideboards or TV stands, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity units, hardwood flooring, and decorative objects!


Add elements of wood into your home through coffee tables, exposed beams or mantels to help a space feel warm and inviting.


Love having houseplants? Add this beautiful potted philodendron birkin plant to your styling arrangement and bring extra life into your home.

Plants and Florals


A home never really feels complete without some extra “life” in it. And by that I mean – houseplants! Whether you’re a green thumb or prefer faux plants, adding some greenery to your spaces can help to make them feel more inviting and cozy. Not to mention the great health benefits if you go down the real plant route!

Fresh flowers or faux florals in vases throughout the house help to emphasize this feeling of coziness and warmth.

Learn how to interject plants into your home!


Adding real plants to a space not only helps to improve air quality but adds to the overall feel of the space too! Fill your favorite vases up with faux or real florals too.



And last but not least! Bedding. Updating your bedding or simply adding extra layers to the beds in your home makes it feel cozier.

The master bedroom, other bedrooms, and guest rooms should all have a similar feeling of coziness, and using good quality bed linen can make all the difference. Make sure to dress the beds with quilts and decorative pillows to polish off the look.


Use two or three of the ideas shared in this blog post and you’ll easily create a cozy space in no time! How do you make your space feel cozy and warm? I’d love to hear all your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!