Spring is on the way, and it’s only a matter of time before we’re all spending a lot more time outdoors. It’s important to take the last few weeks of Winter weather to think about how you might upgrade your outdoor spaces so they’re ready to enjoy when the warm weather comes.

While there are lots of ways you can upgrade your outdoor space through furniture, decor, and landscaping ideas, have you considered your outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting isn’t too dissimilar to planning interior lighting! But many homeowners struggle to get outdoor lighting right because (depending on the state you live in) we typically don’t spend as much time outdoors as we do indoors!

So how do you get outdoor lighting right?

I am going to take you through exactly how to get outdoor lighting right so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces even more!

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Outdoor Lighting Types


In exactly the same way as having lighting types for interiors, there are some lighting types to be aware of when looking at your outdoor lighting. 

These outdoor lighting types are: landscape lighting, wayfinding, and decorative.

It’s important to cover each of these lighting types to create a well put together outdoor lighting scheme.

Let’s have a look at these lighting types, and what sort of lights can be included for them.

Landscape Lighting


First up – landscape lighting.

This refers to the light fixtures that get strategically installed within planted areas of the yard. Uplights are a popular choice because they light up the trunk of a tree or highlight large planted areas.

Landscape lighting paired with thoughtful wayfinding creates the perfect base for any outdoor lighting scheme!



This is the most important lighting type for the outdoors, especially if you have large outdoor areas.

Lighting for wayfinding will cover areas like the driveway, paths, or to the perimeter of different outdoor living spaces or planted areas. The key to wayfinding is to make sure wherever you walk is lit. These walkways shouldn’t be illuminated like a football field but lit well enough to feel comfortable walking through the routes.

Top Tip – Use lights that have motion sensors to save energy and protect the natural habitat!

You can use bollards, up-lights, wall sconces, step lights, or even railing-mounted lights to provide good wayfinding lighting.

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Outdoor LED Step and Wall Light

This modern step and wall light is ideal for using on external walls or steps to help guide people through the outdoor areas.

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Outdoor LED Path Lights

Use outdoor path lights like these to illuminate paths! Perfect for using up driveways or along the side of properties too.

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Outdoor LED Step and Wall Light

This small and modern step or wall light is another great option for illuminating pathways!

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Landscape Path Lights

We love these modern landscape path lights because they provide a warm glow along driveways and paths.

Decorative Outdoor Lighting


Decorative outdoor lighting is very similar to accent lighting used in interiors! The main aim of this type of outdoor lighting is to create a cozy and ambient space where you spend the most time sitting outside.

You should use decorative outdoor lighting on your porch, patio in the backyard, or another outdoor living area. 

Here are some decorative outdoor lighting fixture ideas!

String Lights


String lights are fantastic for using outside because they create a nostalgic and cozy atmosphere. Hang within your porch, or under a pergola! You can even attach string lights to fences too.

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Mini String Lights with Natural Globe

These small natural globe string lights are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any outdoor living space!

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Edison Bulb String Lights

A classic string light option are these Edison vintage style bulbs! These are ideal for using around the porch or patio area to create a warm glow.

Fire Pits and Heaters


For those with a large backyard, consider installing a fire pit! They are super fun, provide warmth on chillier summer nights, and also add to the overall lighting outdoors.

If you’re in a cooler state, you may benefit from outdoor heaters. Place in the center or to the sides of outdoor furniture to ensure you keep warm.

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Rectangle Fire Pit Table

We love anything that has two uses, and this fire pit table is no different! Use as a fire pit, and also an outdoor coffee table.

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Round Cement Fire Pit

This round fire pit is perfect for outdoor spaces that need more flexibility. It works well in the center of outdoor loungers!

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Standing Outdoor Patio Heater

A classic outdoor patio heater is a great option for providing more warmer on those cooler evenings!

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Standing Heater Lamp

We love this stylish outdoor heater lamp! This heater looks fantastic whether its lit or not. The perfect addition to any patio area.

Solar Lanterns


Solar lanterns are great for use outdoors because they are budget-friendly, easy to install, and save you money on bills, as they are solar-powered. You can typically expect them to last for 6-10 hours each night, depending on the brand and model you choose.

Top Tip – Store solar lanterns indoors during the winter to extend their lifespan.

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Floor Solar Patio Lamp

Add a standing solar patio lamp to your outdoor space to add an extra layer of lighting.

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Solar Tabletop Lantern

Use a tabletop solar lantern on your outdoor dining table to double up as decor and a good source of lighting for summer evenings.

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Solar Lantern

A classic solar lantern style that simply won’t go out of style! These are super versatile as you can pick them up and place them wherever you need them.

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Rattan Solar Lantern

Another great solar lantern option is one that has lots of texture! We love this rattan one.

Outdoor Lamps


Did you know that there are outdoor lamps on the market these days? Whether you love the lantern look, a rattan piece, or a sculptural light, there are lots to choose from that will help to style your outdoor space, and provide decorative lighting too!

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Outdoor Globe Lamp

Instantly add simple lighting to your outdoor living area with this globe style lamp!

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Outdoor LED Cordless Lamp

Fancy styling your outdoor area like your main living room indoors? Now you can! Use an outdoor rated cordless table lamp like this one.

Personalize Your Space

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