KBIS 2024 Round Up


Last week part of our team left our cozy interior design studio in Downers Grove, Illinois and jetted off for Las Vegas for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the International Builders Show (IBS)! Our time was sooo worth the trip and I thought it would be fun to share some of what we saw and what we learned! 

Our company has grown leaps and bounds since launching in 2011. A change that we’ve made in our business model over the years is that we now supply everything that goes into our projects. We create incredible spaces that people love. Before we were supplying everything that made those spaces special, we were constantly fighting with the execution to get everything just right. Now, we curate the best lines for our clients and supply everything to make their homes come alive. 

Naturally, our first stop at KBIS was one of our stock cabinet lines. We have been expecting some big updates, and they did not disappoint! 

They unveiled a new color that will be available for order entry April 1st! This color is lighter in color and is dreamy in person. We actually have a client who has been waiting to order their new kitchen cabinets until these are available so we can create their dream kitchen! The price point on these is very competitive and the quality is great!

Sherwin Williams Forever Green paint color

This is the new color we’re super excited about! Available in April 2024!

We love creating fun spaces with our stock cabinet line. This is one example of what’s possible which the vendor displayed at KBIS designed by their in-house designer.

I love that we had a chance to see the new wine rack and the new builder-grade line too! The booth was fun and we even got to spend some time with our rep! She’s a wonderful supporter of ours and has become a friend. We’re thankful to have such a strong backing between the manufacturers we work with and our reps so that we can deliver the best to our clients. 

Earlier I mentioned that our company has seen significant growth over the years. When designing a space that requires millwork (i.e. cabinets, built-ins, vanities, etc.), we’ve approached this a number of ways. We’ve had our custom cabinet maker make our dreams a reality, used our stock cabinet line, or had a carpenter build to our specifications on site. 

There’s a big jump between the custom options and stock options, and I’ve found a huge need for a semi-custom line to offer our clients. I’ve spent a good amount of time researching the best cabinet lines that would meet our clients’ needs and we recently brought on Legacy Cabinets. I’m so excited about the potential of what we can accomplish with them! They have several series and price points and oodles of customization options. 

After visiting our stock line, we sought out Legacy’s booth. It was great timing because we had an opportunity to meet with their product specialist and had a lengthy conversation about construction, how we can manipulate the line to serve our clients, and learn more about how he approaches the special request submittals. It’s incredibly important to me to understand how our partners work so that we can make the specification and ordering process as efficient as possible.

This conversation alone was worth the entire trip out to Las Vegas and will save us and our clients weeks of back and forth communication on each project. Amazing!

I designed a luxury custom kitchen for a pastry chef with all custom cabinets. We’re going to be switching to Legacy for cost savings without compromising quality! I sent my client this picture from the convention “Your future kitchen cabinets!!” and she’s thrilled!! Slab door style in this soft green color for the win!

The cabinet line is well made and offers various price points within it.

There are endless options for door styles. I’m excited about the high level of customization we have access to in order to create amazing kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and built-ins!

We also loved the Brizo booth. We’re nuts for quality and Brizo delivers time and time again. It was so much fun to test out various fixtures and see how the water flows. 

We recently designed a luxury bathroom for a very special client. Her request? To have the water coming from the faucet be “pretty”. We selected this faucet from Brizo. During the design phase, it took ages of research to see how the water flows from each faucet, but at KBIS, we were able to try so many of them!

These were our favorite product moments, but we also had a few favorite professional moments too!  

I was asked to speak at KBIS this year! Being a featured speaker was a huge honor. We had a great group of interior designers and building professionals come to hear me speak about lighting in kitchens and bathrooms. I walked the (large!!) group through lighting mechanics, basics, and taught them so much about lighting! It was a fantastically fun experience! 

Last year when I was at KBIS, I was featured in Architectural Digest. It was surreal to be in the Bellagio elevator and receive a text from my neighbor congratulating me for an article I didn’t even know existed… in Arch. Digest! Ha! Well, maybe KBIS is good luck because this year I was featured in Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine! Such an honor to be recognized! 

We saw countless great exhibits and booths at KBIS this year, ate awesome food, and enjoyed our time in Las Vegas! I can’t wait for what we’ve learned and how we’ve networked to make this year amazing!

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