Over the years I have had the pleasure of designing a number of different kitchens, for a variety of clients. For almost all of them, the kitchen has always been considered the heart of their home. From entertaining family and friends, to exercising culinary and baking skills, it’s no wonder the kitchen is a focus for many of us.

Each kitchen I have designed is unique to the client and their family. From considering how they use the space day-to-day, to injecting fun and creative finishes, our team understands the importance of designing the perfect kitchen.

One aspect of kitchen design that often gets overlooked is the styling! This is because the kitchen has been associated with being a fairly sterile and clean environment for many years, and it’s only recently that we have opened up to other ideas for accessorizing the kitchen. As a designer, I have always encouraged clients to accessorize their kitchens, but it’s not always seen as the obvious route.

So how can you style the kitchen in a minimal yet modern way?

In this article, we’re going to focus on Kitchen Counter Styling, focusing on creating an uncluttered look that will be helpful on a daily basis.

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An Uncluttered Kitchen


There’s a lot of appeal for an uncluttered kitchen as it makes the space feel open, airy, and feels instantly more inviting. However not having anything at all on the countertops can quickly make a home feel not lived in!

The key to having an uncluttered kitchen is to ensure that any small appliances are stored away in cabinets, drawers, or the pantry. Once you have some clear countertop space, you can start to think about what you need on them, from mail organizers, catchalls, and everyday spices and oils.

You can display everyday items on your kitchen countertop in a stylish way, which we’ll look at next!

Creating Vignettes


A vignette in interior design refers to a small styled arrangement. This could be a nightstand styling vignette, or a styled arrangement on a kitchen counter!

The key to styling your kitchen countertop like a pro is creating little vignettes. This could be a simple arrangement to the side of the countertop, and one on the island to break up the large expanse of space.

Decorative Bowl

Use a decorative bowl to start creating a kitchen counter styling vignette! Supplement with kitchen staples (see below).

Double Sink Caddy

A stylish sink caddy like this one, adds a decorative touch to the sink area of the countertop!

Marble Decorative Bowl

We love this marble decorative bowl as it adds visual interest into any decorative arrangement.

Eucalyptus Branch in Glass Vase

Use faux florals and stylish vases as part of a kitchen counter styling arrangement.

Kitchen Staples as Decor


The easiest way to style your kitchen countertops is to use everyday items – kitchen staples – in an aesthetically pleasing way. Try curating your everyday items into stylish vignettes!

This starts with a stylish set of cooking utensils and styling them in a fun jar. This could be placed on a tray, or stand alone on the countertop alongside a fruit bowl, candle, or other decorative item.

Style your cutting boards by leaning them up against the backsplash. These create the perfect backdrop for adding canisters in front.

Another idea is to use a bottled hand soap and lotion set, add a scrubbing brush and display them in a neutral caddie next to the sink.

Next to your range or cooktop, think about which spices and oils you regularly use. Can these be displayed on a tray or in aesthetically pleasing bottles or dispensers? Having these items next to the range or cooktop makes cooking and food preparation much easier as it’s all within arms reach!

Marble and Wood Canister Set

Use a stylish set of canisters to start creating a kitchen counter vignette with items you use on a daily basis.

Wood Kitchen Utensils - Set of 3

Add a set of kitchen utensils to a utensil holder or small vase to create a useful decorative display.

Stoneware Oil and Vinegar Dispensers

Oil and vinegar dispensers are great for using as part of kitchen countertop styling!

Wood Salt Cellar

Another great item to add to your countertop display is a salt cellar!

Stoneware Canisters

Use these farmhouse inspired stoneware canisters to store everyday items like sugar or coffee.

Chopping Board Set

A set of chopping boards are essentials for using to create a stylish kitchen styling arrangement that includes everday items!

Island Centerpiece


Aim to keep your countertops clean and clear of clutter, and use minimal decorative pieces to make a statement on the island.

You could display an intriguing sculpture, large vase or planter with real or faux florals, or create a vignette for the island. Using a statement object like a sculpture or vase helps to add a focal point to an otherwise empty and sterile feeling space.

If sculptures aren’t your thing, source an oversized faux branch or floral arrangement to make a statement of the added greenery.

White Stem Arrangement in Matte Round Vase

This faux branch stem arrangement within a vase is an easy way of decorating the kitchen island!

Walnut Cookbook Stand

Use a cookbook stand to display your favorite cookbook to add interest to a styling display.

Set of Vases

We love using different sized vases to create a styling vignette! These are perfect for adding faux florals to.

Large Countertop Tray

This wooden tray is perfect for using as a base to any kitchen island arrangement.

Personalize Your Space

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